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A home that's you and your lifestyle

A home that's you and your lifestyle



I've always believed that a well-designed home tells a story about its occupants. You know they've succeeded when the character of the inhabitants speaks to you through the selection of furniture and choice of interior design.

These are homes that integrate form with function, and centre on the lifestyles of those who live in them. One such home in Sengkang does just this.

326424190_BlogEntry9_Pic1.thumb.png.3534e043bd9865c209507c539907b467.png In this apartment owned by Jackie and Tobbie, the clarity of their preferences is crystallised in every nook and cranny, and comes alive at first glance. As cliché as it may sound, this home reminds me literally of how knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Just by having a good grasp of their habits, the owners have modelled their home in a fashion that facilitates their desired way of living.

1131772708_BlogEntry9_Pic3.thumb.png.cc467ce2b3396bf24c8544344b6992ea.pngOne thing I particularly like about this home is how personal touches, which the owners refer to as 'side-hustle furniture', fill the space. To the left of the main door sits a shoe rack that was custom made by their designer. Jackie and Tobbie explain that it also acts as a bench for them to sit on when putting on their footwear. This shoe rack saves space and adds personality to their home – the reason for why they call it a 'side hustle'. 

Again and again, the owners pepper their BTO flat with these side hustles that surely but quietly exist for practical reasons. Those who aren't in the know will simply look at them and think they are merely decorative pieces. 

685771794_BlogEntry9_Pic4.thumb.png.086cd0f5ed45d265fa2252b6de1c1dd0.pngTake the example of the cobalt blue pull-up bar that hangs over the entrance of the living room. A cursory glance will not give away its true identity because of how the owners have seamlessly harmonised the bar with its surroundings. This intentional move was motivated by their desire to not turn their home into a gym with workout equipment.

The result is a piece that serves multiple functions: Pull-up bar, rod on which to hang decorations, an extension of the bookshelf, and an architectural structure. 

510467758_BlogEntry9_Pic5.thumb.png.f4c3a09e897f0008ebb1efb025583ea4.pngJackie's and Tobbie's gallery wall is the one other thing I can't not talk about. Who would have thought a TV wall could double up as a canvas for the expression of artistic flair? Now while it's getting common these days for homes to have feature walls, it's not all that common for the television to be given a role that isn’t the centrepiece. In the owners' interpretation, art takes centre stage, and the television forms one of the many completing the gallery they have artfully curated. 

Jackie and Tobbie have, clearly, also figured out the extra functionality that mobile furniture can bring about. Another 'side-hustle furniture' in their unit nested in Blk 401e is the serving trolley. It is concurrently a storage box for laundry, and when it's not being used, it is wheeled back into the cabinets. 

1106374219_BlogEntry9_Pic8.thumb.png.ab4657a524198b532c1af35ac0ac1ffc.pngI too, for sure, did not miss out on the larger-sized, black storage box that can be pulled out from the TV console to be used as a dining table chair. 

One consistent thread runs through the design language of Jackie's and Tobbie's: Dual purpose. Every piece of furniture can be used in more than one way. Simply by maximising the utility of each item, Jackie and Tobbie have optimised the use of their living space – for instance, the living room is also a space for them to engage in workouts. 

1313782313_BlogEntry9_Pic6.thumb.png.d42dcb00d333a7bb1be924f99b350ccf.pngIn this regularly sized one-room BTO of 47 square metres, Jackie and Tobbie have maximised their desired lifestyle through clever design that allows for flexibility and at the same time, amplifies what they value most.

- Denise

Media from: YouTube (Never Too Small)

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On 5/16/2024 at 5:42 PM, dailydoseofcoffee said:

@kobayashiGT Guilty as charged, I can't manage even one proper pull-up 😅

Then if you have that at your place. probably gonna be a clothes hanger. 😆 

Nice house thou. Small and very functional!

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compact and practical. enjoy your 1st home

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was advocated that we just need a small space to get things done 👍 

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