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Swift Battery Specialist | 24hrs Car Battery & Car Tyre


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Swift Battery Specialist



Swift Battery Specialist provides onsite 24hrs Car battery replacement, Car Battery jump start and Car Tyre repair services in Singapore Islandwide. We are the specialist in the automobile field that will fix your car break down issue with our onsite recovery team.


Swift and immediate response for pricing matters,call us at:

post-187929-0-06554700-1534217406.png +65 8858 9959


More information at https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg



Why choose Swift Battery Specialist:


  • Genuine and Branded Car Battery at low cost
  • Premium selected Car Battery that will last longer and better performance by Swift Battery Specialist Professional Team.
  • Fresh stock ALWAYS AVAILABLE no matter what car you drive.
  • 24 Hours Singapore Islandwide support and reach within 30-45mins or lesser.
  • Average Car Battery Replacement, Car Jump start and Car Tyre repair time only 5-15mins.
  • FREE Phone call diagnostic and troubleshooting.
  • All Car Battery comes with warranty.

Services Swift Battery Specialist Provide

  • Car Battery Replacement

Swift battery specialists mechanics standby all over Singapore and provide 24hrs car battery servicing. Our 24hrs car battery replacement service speed is as fast as 5 minutes time and arrival time within 30 minutes. Rest assure, If we are able to Jump Start your Car Battery we will assist to save up the cost of changing the whole battery! Price Start from as low as $120!





  • Car Battery Jump Start

Our Swift Mechanics are all professionally trained in performing Car Battery Jump Start. Without proper safety precautions and knowledge, it could damage your car and you will end up paying more repair cost! Trust Swift Battery Specialist and we get the work done. Price Start from as low as $50!





  • Car Tyre Punctured Repair

Flat Car Tyre because you accidentally or unknowingly ran over sharp nails, glass shards or etc? It might be too costly to change a whole new Car Tyre, we can help you to fix the Car Tyre hole! Our Car Tyre Repair solution will last forever without changing a new Car Tyre. Repair cost start from $70 onward.


post-187929-0-43138200-1534516181_thumb.jpg  post-187929-0-50125400-1534516191_thumb.jpeg



  • Car Spare Tyre Replacement

What if your Car Breakdown on road and Tyre is beyond repair? And worst, you have your own spare car tyre but don't have any tools to change it? Engage Swift Battery Specialist and we will get this done for you! DO NOT DRIVE WITH FLAT TYRE AS IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR RIM! Repair cost start from $70 onward.





Process & Procedure:

  • Engage us by calling +65 8858 9959
  • Tell us your problem and all information then we will diagnose remotely.
  • We will determine the issue and advice further.
  • Pricing will be quoted before heading to your location. (ONSITE RECOVERY ONLY)
  • We will ask for your details and also provide you with estimated arrival time.
  • Swift Battery Mechanic will arrive onsite and fix your problem!




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Swift Battery PROMOTION!




Engage Swift Battery Specialist and get 10% off all services!

Call us at +65 8858 9959 now!




How do you enjoy our great discount?

  • Take a screenshot or save the picture.
  • Inform us you have seen the discount over social media when you called us.
  • Show us the screenshot/picture when our Swift Mechanic reaches your place.
  • YOU GET 10% OFF!



Ask for out Windscreen Decal!






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If your car is signalling you to change your Car Battery, get it fix as soon as possible! Engage us for Car Battery Replacement or Car Battery Jump Start service!


Call us at: +65 8858 9959


Latest onsite recovery, rescue to the action!

post-187929-0-45385300-1534526578_thumb.jpeg  post-187929-0-27792700-1534526582_thumb.jpeg



Contact us for our recommended, durable and excellent performance Car Battery!




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Another day of onsite Car Battery replacement using Deta Original Made in German Car Battery! Call us at +65 8858 9959 and ask for pricing, no obligation!



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How We and How To Change A Car Battery





The most essential yet overlooked part of any car is the Car Battery. The purpose of car battery is to kick start the engine in every atmospheric condition whether it is cold, hot or wet. The sad part of the car batteries is until it is properly charged and in good condition, most people do not regularly check or service the battery which is actually ideal to enhance its life. Being a silent member of the car’s automotive team, which does not demand much, people tend to take it for granted. One needs to understand that everything has a limited life and so is the car battery. The average life span of any car battery is 3-7 years depending on the type, model and usage. Along with the servicing of car on regular basis, the car battery should also be checked so that it does not lose its strength. So, how would you know whether your car battery needs a change or recharging?


Common signs of the discharged car battery


The common characteristic of a car battery is to hold the charge and provide high power ignition to start engine, ignite the lights, plays music system, etc. in your car. If you face starting problem first time in the morning or even after a long drive the car takes longer time to start or the lights starts dimming then these are common signs of discharged car battery. The immediate step to take is to take the car to nearby car battery service station and ask the mechanic to check the CCA rating of the battery. Some of the cars also have the battery meter which needs to be checked whether the volts is properly functioning or not. The battery should maintain 12.4 – 12.8 volts with the engine off without any accessory loaded. With the use of Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), the mechanic will be able to check the capacity of the car battery. If the rating is low then it means it needs immediate charging. If the battery is in good condition, then 25-30 minutes of drive is enough to recharge the battery. If the battery won’t recharge on drive, gets discharged faster or recharging slower, then it is time for a new car battery.


So when is the right time to replace a car battery?


The best time to replace the car battery is before a very cold season because the maximum amount of energy used by most car batteries are during the cold climate. If your car makes cranking noise while attempting to start the engine or the battery is bloating then it needs to be immediately changed. In majority of cases, the driving condition plays a vital role in car battery discharge than servicing. So after three years of car age, it becomes important to regularly check the car battery and maintain standard driving condition.


How to replace an old battery and set new battery in the car?


If you already have a new battery and wish to replace the car battery without any professional help then, follow the below steps by which you should be able to change the battery. As the fluid in the battery is very acidic and it becomes very hot because of the engine heat, it is always recommended to take professional help unless you are stranded in the middle of highway where getting a help is difficult. Follow the standard procedures and safety measures while changing the car battery.


  1. Ensure the car battery needs complete replacement – Although you have a spare battery, but if the old battery is not complete discharged or mere recharging will bring it back to life then no need to change the car battery. But, if the car battery has completely discharged, won’t recharge, emits foul acidic smell, has swelled or slowly recharges then change it immediately to avoid further challenges.




  • First of all switch of the engine, let the engine and battery cool down for some time and do not touch the battery with your bare hands.
  • The acidic powder like residue on the battery is poisonous and can even burn your skin if it is hot.
  • Check the alternator/battery meter which should show at least 12.4-12.8 when engine is off and no other accessory is loaded.


  1. Before removing the battery – As this procedure can take time, it is recommended that you ensure your car is parked in a flat parking aside the road.


  • Use the parking brakes and do not smoke while changing the battery. Use standard gloves, not only because the battery can burn but it has sulfuric acid which is highly corrosive.
  • Open the hood of the car and let it cool for some time. Some of the car batteries are placed with belts which need to be removed before removing the car battery.
  • DO NOT EVER touch both the terminals at the same time.
  • Remove the negative and positive terminals (one by one) from the battery and keep a cloth handy on which you can keep the terminals.
  • You will find the handle or slots given to pull the battery from its placement slot. Use the hand gloves to lift the battery from the placement and keep it in a flat surface.
  • There are acidic liquid in the battery so keep it straight in the same position as it was placed in the car, on the ground.


  1. Put the new car batteryOnce you have removed the old battery safely, clean the entire slot and ensure there is no leakage or residue of the old battery. You can use the baking soda to remove the corrosion caused due to leakage of the fluids from old batteries.


  • Unpack the new battery from the box and do not move the package too much. Remove the new battery from the box and place in the same slot where the old battery was attached.
  • Keep the new battery in the same position and attach the terminals. While attaching the terminals ensure to attach the positive to positive and negative to negative, otherwise the car will not start.
  • Tighten the cramp terminals or while driving there are chances the terminals get loosely connected or detach.
  • If you have lithium grease handy then you can apply otherwise ask the mechanic while servicing to apply some on the terminals to avoid corrosion.
  • Attempt to start the car engine and keep it active for some time. Play other accessories of the car and check if all the systems are working properly.


  1. Disposing the old car battery – Your task of changing new car battery does not end here.


  • You need to safely dispose the old car battery so that it does not cause any kind of hazardous effect.
  • You can carry the old car battery with you and dispose it in the recycling centre or with us, Swift Battery Specialist.





We hope the above information is helpful to you and in case you need professional help then you can get in touch with us at +65 8858 9959. We provide professional assistance in Car battery replacement, sell new car batteries and help in jump start your car battery.



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Deta, German Car Battery uses high performance components and materials and Swift Battery Specialist can assure that this battery is MADE IN GERMANY!



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If your car tyre punctured due to a minor hole, you don't need to change the whole tyre. We can fix it for your and the fixed are for lifetime! But if it's beyond repair, we can help to replace your spare tyre if you don't have the necessary tools. View more at https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg/services/car-tyre-puncture-repair/ or call us at +65 8858 9959.




We are fast and accurate, trust Swift Battery Specialist!



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We use reliable and best performance Car Battery! Get our Made In Germany Deta Car Battery now!




Show us our Decal from our Social Media page to get 10% off all services!



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Car Battery last for 5 years however, it would be good to change it every 2 years if you drive your car on a daily basis! Don't wait for it to break down, take preventive measures! Call us at +65 8858 9959





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If you are going for vacation and will not be driving your car, remove those battery draining devices or remove your car battery. Otherwise, you will have to spend hundred of dollars to get another new battery.




Do not make this mistake, if you need assistance call us at +65 8858 9959!



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Car batteries come in different type and model. Newer car require Start-stop Car Battery which are slightly more expensive than conventional car battery.


Check out the difference between them at: https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg/difference-between-hybrid-and-normal-car-batteries/




Call Swift Battery Specialist now for free diagnostic and quote at +65 8858 9959



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Check your car tyre pressure every few weeks for a smoother ride and reduce your fuel consumption!




Just in-case anything happen to your tyre, we do car tyre repair or spare tyre replacement! Call us at +65 8858 9959.

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Don't underestimate the importance of your Car Battery. You will need your car battery to be in tip top condition as it is part of the core factor for your car. Read more at the below link to understand more:




Contact us at +65 8858 9959 for Car Battery or Car Tyre services!



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Swift Battery Specialist will open 24 hours even on Public Holiday!


Give us a call at +65 8858 9959 for car battery replacement, car jump start and car tyre repair/replacement!




We service any car!



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Yes! Indeed there are many brand of car tyres however, there are also lots of type for different uses.


Read and know more at https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg/different-types-car-tyres-everything-need-know/


We provide the below services for all car:

1. Car Battery Replacement

2. Car Jump Start

3. Car Tyre punctured hole repair

4. Car Spare Tyre replacement


Call us at +65 8858 9959 for appointment booking now!




Visit us at https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg/



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