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Hypersonic (edited)


Singapore is tops for HK real estate investors in H1


Singapore was top destination for Hong Kong real estate investors in H1: report


Are Hong Kong Investors Buying Singapore Properties Or Not?

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3 minutes ago, Showster said:

Your thread wins.

So comprehensive!

Haha, still figuring out this new revamp ...

and just trying to value add here 😉

Thanks for reading 🙂

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8 minutes ago, Mercs said:

If they are interested in a global hub that has strong links to both China and US, they will come.

If their wealthy comes, it will be a good half year before the numbers show up on the stats. Even signing OTP and lodging caveat needs several months.

Most likely, it’s more feasible to rent first, apply for PR or citizenship, to be eligible to buy HDB or to lower or eradicate ABSD payment to buy private property.

I wish all the best for HK though. 


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