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Is the KFC game console real?


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Is the KFC game console real? PS5 and Xbox Series X parodied by Colonel Sanders!

source: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/06/15/is-the-kfc-game-console-real-ps5-xbox-series-x/


Although 2020 has been a miserable year so far, its conclusion could be good for gamers thanks to the planned releases of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, in addition to Sony and Microsoft, another next-gen console has emerged from KFC with specs more mouth-watering then their kentucky fried chicken. People have been asking is the KFC game console real, and here you’ll discover what there is to know.

Sony conducted a PlayStation 5 reveal event last week where they finally showed what the console looks like. Similar to its controller, the PS5 console is largely white with aspects of black. It stands out from the Xbox Series X which resembles a PC, and it looks awfully futuristic (or like a Wi-Fi router).

However, while Sony’s next-gen console and the Xbox Series X both look magnificent, the suddenly announced KFC game console looks even better. But, is it actually real?

KFC video game console price

There’s no price for the KFC video game console.

However, although it doesn’t have a price, the KFC video game console does have a release date of November 12th, 2020.

In addition to boasting a release date, the trailer for the suddenly announced platform shows that it will feature crossplay multiplayer as well as “true 4K” and 120 FPS.

Enveloped in black with bits of red, the KFC video game console is shaped after a kentucky fried chicken bucket.

It certainly looks impressive with the chicken chamber being the biggest selling point, but alas you most definitely won’t be able to actually get it.


Is the KFC video game console real?

No, the KFC video game console is not real.

Although the KFC gaming Twitter account hasn’t said whether their video game console is real or not, it’s clearly a parody of the Xbox Series X and more specifically the PS5.

Granted, the kentucky fried chicken foodchain has created finger-licking keyboards and mouse before in the past, as well as even crocs, but don’t expect their gaming system to come out on November 12th.

After all, a video game console with a BBQ grill called the Chicken Chamber is a dream too good to be true for those of us who aren’t vegans.


A very clever way to capture the gamers attention. Need to finger lickin good.


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Lol ... using the heat from the CPU to 'baked' the chicken ... and break for some food after/while gaming. Quite smart.

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