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  1. This diminished value of vehicles after accident may be taken advantage by the prospective buyer. Once the potential buyer has knowledge that the vehicle in question was involved in an accident before,the selling price will be marked down and this price difference is what the seller will have to bear,regardless liability of the accident. Circumstance made worse if you have full liability of the accident.
  2. Qootle

    Repairs at Borneo Motors

    I have managed to claim 3rd party when I chose BM to carry out the repairs. My case was also similar to TS, car was rear ended by another vehicle in a 3 car collision. BM will assess the case and advise accordingly. For straight forward case in your favour, you can claim as 3rd party.
  3. Qootle

    Toyota Prius

    Anyone knows where to change the front bumper to face lift version? Or workshops that sell and install FL front bumper for Prius? I enquired at BM and was told they do not do conversion.