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  1. AnimalFarm

    Another SICK 13 Yr old!

    racist or hard truths? catch me if you can.
  2. AnimalFarm

    Another SICK 13 Yr old!

    nothing surprising.the bumi mats and indo mats there like to rape and rob the cina there.
  3. AnimalFarm

    Hit-And-Run near Botanic Garden

    probably 2k min from VW.outside workshop max 1k.you do the maths.
  4. AnimalFarm

    Beat traffic light then Hit and run..this time is

    this motor rempit must die.hope his karma come soon in this new year.
  5. AnimalFarm

    Left Msia without chop

    Why should u be apologetic when in the 1st place they didn't chop your passport intentionally? Go bang their table and have them apologize instead!
  6. AnimalFarm

    News: Unhappy bus drivers mass report sick 26nov2012

    anyone able to CSI out the number of accidents rate each year involving SMRT buses after they took in large influx of PRC drivers?
  7. AnimalFarm

    Legoland carpark security issue

    my friend took bus there,come back in a body bag.
  8. AnimalFarm

    1 month count-down to Mayan's Long Count Calander

    last time the mayans used their fingers to count the days.so the mayans gets the whole population line up and each and everyone to use their fingers and count right up to the last man.the date was 21-12-2012.
  9. AnimalFarm

    Saga of the reckless white Subaru

    crazy man 1668 still havent meet his marker?i bet those drivers in sengkang must be wishing him crashed into a tree.
  10. ministars already getting 20+ months of bonus in a year. so what's new?
  11. AnimalFarm

    1 month count-down to Mayan's Long Count Calander

    you believe those sh*ts from mayans?u must be joking.
  12. AnimalFarm

    Accident at AYE

    rupiah is used for solid fuel in bbq session.
  13. AnimalFarm

    CNN News: singapore most ex to buy car

    true,when he came over for trips,he thought that cars must be damn cheap in sgp because everywhere he goes he sees alot of merc,bmw and audi around. only when i told him the price for a entry level 3 series or c class,his jaw drop.
  14. AnimalFarm

    A honest Singaporean

    one dumb teksi uncle. i dropped my phone at a cab before and i even got the receipt with the taxi reg plate. in the end call up the taxi hotline and was told that the phone was not found and could have been taken by other passengers and close my case.
  15. AnimalFarm

    ST Forum: Father-In-Law's Death:Handle Patients Better

    that one famous case now already return ic. if the unfortunate deceased in this case is from some famous family like above,the hospital staff would be more than willing to come back and operate the CT scan machine and then have the surgery done in double quick time EVEN if it's a holiday.