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  1. Hollywood movies coming to LIVE!!! I think at the end of the day, it is going to be us + technology = ONE We can never get separated!!
  2. Hahaha. the last sentence is a good one "If you cannot spot any of the above, chances are that you yourself are too distracted for your own good." Nice way to end this. A nice write up. And it is true. Nevermind the increase in the number of vehicles, but there are just too many inconsiderate drivers. Those who drive that dont give any signals, abrupt lane change, dashing across red lights, those who just scold vulgarities, and create "disputes" in the middle of the road, litters flying around. Where has "Singapore is a green environment" go to? Sometimes we curse and swear these enforcement, but there're actually good in them, for the benefit of everyone.
  3. MitziMo

    Kate Upton washes Mercedes-Benz CLA in slow motion

    okay. this is ridic? it is like advertising on the model instead? it wasnt exactly forcusing on Merc CLA. no offence, but this is a total failure. i mean yes, girls + cars = total hotness, sexy, advertisement selling fast etc etc. but this one, i wasnt buying it. i had totally forgotten about the car, in fact. haha.
  4. MitziMo

    Comparison 'Test'

    this is normal i feel. even studies have showed, parents will naturally show their favouritism whether they realise it or not. some kids can take it naturally, some take it to heart which can either mould them to be as good or even better or just break them. i come from a big family which means i have a huge number of siblings with extreme ends of behaviours and characters. aint easy if i were to sit down and recall those growing-up moments. the good and the bad, and the in between. haha. gotta salute my parents for the patience and love. then again, i dont think kids and parents are similar to cars, its creators or even the motoring journalists. #justsaying :)
  5. MitziMo

    2015 Corvette Z06 delivers faster lap times than 2013 Corvette ZR1

    I am so awed with this car. Everything is perfect. Wish I could drive this baby.
  6. MitziMo

    991 Targa combines style of coupe with open top motoring

    Haha, yeah..the glass part looks so old-school. looks so back-in-the-future kinda car, dont you think so? Minus the glass part, I think it looks pretty neat *visualising it*
  7. MitziMo

    Formula 1 drivers pick new numbers for good

    It gives the drivers a bit more personality and motivation. And of course, creates more brand identity. Though having the numbers reflecting the ranking is quite a turn off, I feel, as a fan, as a spectator. Oh wells, let’s just put it on a positive thought - hopefully, the numbers chosen will stay for good. They can’t possibly be changing numbers the whole time.
  8. wow, thats like alot of info. i think i shd give this a try, now that i see a few solutions. usually i will just air my car, or spray perfume/air freshener into the vents. but the smell still returns. maybe i shd pay extra attention to my car, (not that i have not), just more thanks for the info, bro!
  9. MitziMo

    Driving with the windows down vs the air con on

    i still prefer having the windows down. and yes especially at night. during the day time too, if it isnt so hot. despite the dust, and if you're driving fast enough, i think the breeze is super shiok.
  10. MitziMo

    Driving with the windows down vs the air con on

    sun tanning when he can! kill 2 birds with one stone. sun tan while on the way to work. haha. or maybe with the cool weather like this, even the sun's heat cant be felt.
  11. MitziMo

    Gamer & Racer at the track - find out who's faster

    A very interesting experiment. Racer and a gamer. Same car on the same track at the same time. But a bit unfair to a certain extent, don’t you think, for the gamer to experience g-forces and dealing with it while virtually racing? The gamer could have won the whole race with a better timing, I feel. But all in all, it’s an interesting race! Except for one contributing factor that they might have overlooked on – G-forces.
  12. hahahhaa. didnt know cabbies can take selfies?? not a bad pose too for their 2014 calendars. maybe SG should do the same thing too. at least their jobs are being recognised :p whatever it is, this is hilarious. could pass off as one of the 9GAG post.