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    What should the guarantor do?

    Exactly. That is what I thought. The guarantor now is not running away from responsibility. But looking at ways to mitigate the matters. Perhaps to look for alternative
  2. Penn1

    What should the guarantor do?

    critics can be taken if some people stop assuming things. you jump straight to the conclusion that finance company is to bear the losses and assume no other way out. There is certainly more than one way to resolve this matter. Only shallow minded person will take for granted losses is for the finance company to bear. At least others are being constructive to give some suggestion as to asking the guarantor to continue the instalment payment. People post in the forum is to hear sensible and practical suggestion. Not for someone who cannot even understand why cousin can have big age gap
  3. Penn1

    What should the guarantor do?

    Please lar...whoever suggest the finance company to bear loss? If nothing to suggest, keep your opinion to yourself. At least people suggest stake out at his place, hunt down the car etc.
  4. Penn1

    What should the guarantor do?

    wife colleague buay chio . Auntie lar. Dunno virgin or not. I view her as a victim. She dun own the car, under pressure, she sign on the loan agreement. Trying to make a headway for a young guy. True that is the price to pay for signing blindly. Sometime when relative comes calling, its very difficult to reject. U can call her gullible, kum lan, bo nao etc. But still she is a victim of circumstances. my personal opinion, the car could have changed number plate. Hence repossess vehicle cannot locate the car. Or the car is somewhere in Msia. Camouflaged nicely in some kampong.
  5. Hi Guys, Recently came across a sad and disturbing scenario encountered by my wife colleague She agreed to become the guarantor for her cousin who claimed that he needed a car for his work. Young chap who probably lured by the privilege of owning a car. So he defaulted on the loan instalment payment. Finance Company try to repossess the car but could not find it. Letters were probably sent to his house and conveniently ignore. Now the finance company is going after the guarantor, issuing lawyer letter demanding the car. They are not interested in the outstanding instalment payment anymore. They wanted to repossess the car and auction it off. She was given until a certain deadline to respond(< 1week) The guy know will avoid her phone call now. Refusing to answer, acknowledge and disclose the location of the car. Even his mum could not get any information from him. He can only say he will pay off the outstanding instalment before the deadline. Under the brief description above, what is the rectification recommended for the guarantor? Seriously speaking, she know nuts. Dunno what car, what model etc etc. Signed blindly on the loan agreement, trusting her cousin etc etc. I would recommended her to speak with the finance company lawyer and meet up with a senior office from the finance company to explain that she is actually the victim of such circumstances. Hopefully, on sympathy ground, they will extend the deadline or propose another solution. Anyone of your guys have better suggestion?
  6. Penn1

    Recommendation of Used Car

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=375792&DL=2341 Convert to normal plate. Maybe even lesser than what you are willing to pay. Manual version is very much more stable than auto chervy. Tough..reliable...spare parts affordable.
  7. quite hard to believe something like this actually happen and it has something to do with Listerine? goodness, it gives alcoholic another option.
  8. Penn1

    Question for Car Servicing

    I was always advised which ever is earlier 10,000km 6months I would go for servicing if I am in your shoes
  9. the road at Westcoast Highway need serious resurfacing work
  10. Penn1

    Chery big hoo haa at Lot 1

    Anyone kena from this woman? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/woman-driver-blocks-lot-1-carpark-exit-for-over-an-hour-because-her-complimentary
  11. Penn1

    Temper of mileage

    this is a true statement.
  12. Penn1

    Suicidal to Buy 4-5 Year Old Volkswagen?

    I had a couple of people change from Jap/Kimchi to Conti and never look back to Jap/Kimchi again
  13. since when colonel go to the front line? if really got war, they probably in ops room kpkb...lim kopi and having proper meal while his men out in the war zone
  14. Agree this is a self-pawned video. TS driving style is nothing to admire. Look at the way he switch from lane 4 to lane 1, then from lane 1 to lane 3, and lastly lane 2 into the filter lane.