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  1. ManHong

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    can share how to do that? their site only have the sign up and some FAQ
  2. ManHong

    YouTrip Mobile wallet

    Other than the 3% service charge, i realized there is another 5% currency difference if we purchase using credit card. Same as if we buy RMB to topup Alipay using AXN machine.. If YouTrip would overcome that, i think i will use it alot~
  3. it's sad but true. i wish i could own and maintain one of those classics too.
  4. ManHong

    Nissan shows us how much fun Electric Vehicles can be

    the main concern would be how much juice it gotta have to supply all those gadgets?
  5. ManHong

    Ford reveals the new F-150 Raptor

    with this I can almost drive everywhere.. de front n rear lights so garang summore
  6. ManHong

    Shenzhen to curb car population

    so scary sia.. no one will drive a car with open top there..
  7. ManHong

    Vorsteiner puts some tasty wheels on Audi's S4

    looks good and expensive, but quite common leh this kind of design..
  8. ManHong

    Photos of BMW's new 7 series leaked

    not much different with the current one.. haha
  9. i like that "instant torque".
  10. ManHong

    This 1969 cadillac is the world fastest hot tub

    brilliant idea but it will never happen here.
  11. there's no point for this besides showing off to her classmates..
  12. to me it looks like some kind of zombie killer or car from death race.
  13. ManHong

    LaFerrari vs McLaren P1. Who is better?

    both very awesome cars O.O
  14. ManHong

    Fuel subsidies in Malaysia to be abolished

    it's still too soon to say, now remove subsidy, then GST, etc etc..
  15. ManHong

    Range Rover Evoque? Look again...

    and its logo like distorted Lexus.