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shrjun have made 0 car reviews, 3 merchant reviews, and 1 product review.
shrjun have made 0 car reviews, 3 merchant reviews, and 1 product review.
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  • EleBest GPS
  • I can now give Max @Elebest a rating!
    Max can be a man of few words but for installation of accessories I would prefer competency rather than plain talk.
    BMW A.C.E cam installed at Elebest in 2015.
    No issues till the car was sold in late 2022.
    The forums and Whatsapp groups are full of people with defective cams!
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  • Fong Kim Exhaust System Pte Ltd
  • I have only nice things to say about Mr Raymond and his team.Wanted a Remus axle-back for my BMW F20.Initial response via WhatsApp with Mr Raymond was positive and the order was placed without fuss.I visited their Ubi workshop on delivery of the exhaust and the car was quickly on the lift with exhaust installation completed quickly.Got the cert stamped at STA within the we
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  • Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax
  • I have used this on the days I don't feel like buffing paste wax.Easy to apply and remove as its a "wipe on wipe off " wax.Gives good shine ( I have a decently maintained and cleaned 3 year old car ).But doesn't last very long..A heavy rain seemed to wash it off ..And couldn't see any beading when I washed the car later.Probably will use only in a hurry and can't wax prop
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