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  1. Andrefoo

    Pioneer AVH-8450BT

    Can get from autotrend at TPY... the set is a local set and not PI... but like what some have mentioned, the total setup can set u back up to 1.6k... Set: 820 2 Din Adapter: 100 GPS: 350 if I'm not mistaken... cld be more, but not more than 380.... Can Bus for steering control: 150 for my car Andriod cable: 110 or 120... can't remember.... Total about 1.5k for just the headunit setup... amp and speakers not included...
  2. Andrefoo

    Pioneer AVH-8450BT

    I jus installed 8550 twp weeks back... Unit 820 nett, gps 350 thereabouts... Andriod cable 110
  3. Andrefoo

    ST Forum: Cut NS to less than 2 years

    I did 30 months of NS.... I enjoyed NS and even though I didn't have to go outfield as often, there were a few valuable insights that I learnt while doing NS that I would have never otherwise gained. The insights have helped me even till today, in my job to not take what I have for granted, that society consists of more than the people I interacted with during my school years, and it brought me out of my sheltered life (I'm not afraid to say it.) In short, NS for me was enriching not only because of the experience of being in a uniform, but also the times shared with my fellow comrades. We can complain till the cows come home after how long NS is. I will not trade my 30 months in uniform just to enter University a year earlier. If anything, it has made me more mature as a person, and the job scope some of us had to shoulder during that time only made us stronger and more mature in thought and action. That is all I have to say :)
  4. Andrefoo

    Ford Focus ST 2012

    only brought in five.... so its not a success.... yet.... previous gen only have about 50 on the road...
  5. Andrefoo

    Bad service from Top93, ubi

    Point No. 1: Goodness knows whether you ran 3k or 10k in the three months you had the tyre. RFT not popular in Singapore, plus he still has to make a profit selling your tires. If I were you, I'll be laughing and taking the deal. Point No. 2: You have not told us the size of the tyre or the rims that he recommended you. For your info, there are used rims out there that are $2200 plus tires, even if it is used. A friend of mine recently changed to a second hand 18 in rims, and with fresh tires, it did cost him almost 3k. Point No. 3: Quite a number of us have dealt with the man in question. I have never bought anything from the shop, but my friends have and I have also enquired on prices before. At no time have they ever been rude to me or my friends. In fact, they offer some of the most competitive prices around. I got my set of Pilot Super Sport from another supplier at a lower price because of the price that Top93 was selling at. Top 93 and its staff weren't rude at any point, I changed somewhere else because Ubi was a little far from me. Don't need to point out whether your son bought a BMW by himself or not. I have never asked for money from my parents in terms of car buying or car expenses. It doesn't make me any different. Respect is mutual. For a company and its staff who are known for decent service to behave in such a manner, either there's something you're not telling us or maybe it might not be the truth. My two cents worth.
  6. Andrefoo

    PSS VS CSC5 VS Dunlop Sport Maxx RT

    Focus ST :)
  7. Andrefoo

    PSS VS CSC5 VS Dunlop Sport Maxx RT

    I jus changed to PSS from a set of contis. Its so good that i do not ever want to change to another tyre unless the michelin man comes out with something better. That said, the premium for the PSS is about 30 percent compared to the S001 or the CSC 5. Worth it though
  8. ford focus st... manual, not very expensive, high modding potential, conti ride and feel
  9. Andrefoo

    Need comment on Ford Focus

    I was driving the MK2 hatch for five years... did the major overhaul item like suspension, timing belt and water pump and the car is still as good... a bit aged after 140k, but still good. Passed it to the wife who loves it more than her previous Mit i. For me, I loved the ride so much that I bought an used 09 Focus ST that had ridiculously low mileage of 2.4k after 2 years, verified by regent motors :)
  10. Andrefoo

    Parallel import car BMW (HELP)

    actually, BMW from PML can also bring back to Munich Auto, which specialises in M Cars. Reason is simply both report to BMW Asia. Friend has brought it there to do warranty claim before, although the car was originally from PML. You'll have to check to see whether cars bought from PI also fall in this category
  11. To be fair, i have bought from the dealer before, and my car clocked only 2400km in two years, still smells like a new car till today after 10k km. I think if u really want to know, just go down and have a look, not much point speculating. After going down to look at the car i wanted to buy, i signed almost immediately. AD verified the mileage and the ex owner also passed the servicing records to him from the AD. There are such cars in SG, we just need to look harder... And before anyone thinks i am related to the dealer, send me a PM, i will be more than hapy to meet up with u to show that i am not. Just think that a good dealer should be commended after hearing so many nasty stories about them...
  12. Andrefoo

    Advise for a Ford alternative workshop

    try weng fatt at alexandra, got my wife's focus timing belt and the water pump changed there.
  13. hmmm.... west coast plaza?
  14. i know the fella... friend of mine.... he's back safe in SG and still doing convoys, although you can be sure he's really careful nowadays as far as laws are concerned...
  15. Andrefoo

    Is ford a continental car?

    Compared to which jap car? U apparently haven been reading up much too.... Pls read car reviews for the new mondy before posting