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  1. This could have resulted in a fatal accident! Looks like the driver had not learnt his lesson. Should get him off the roads Immediately.
  2. Thxmel

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    Thanks for the info bro :)
  3. Thxmel

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    Hi. Are you currently using a dashboard protectant that gives a Matt finish? Care to share where I can get it pls? Thanks!
  4. Thxmel

    Nissan QashQai 2014 Part 2

    Hi. Is your SE doing the front mesh grill for you through a third party workshop? Cos I called tan chong parts office ( https://www.nissan.com.sg/after-sales/accessories/qashqai-accessories.html) and asked about this accessory and was informed that they only have one standard grill and that is the stock grill.
  5. ya sudden surge in tenants there but like not enough parking space... Are you working in mbc and parking at comtech now? Do you have to be put on queue to get season parking there? or can get it readily? thks.
  6. hi poper..did you manage to find season parking there? or did you settle for comtech in the end? cheers
  7. hi guys any update on the season parking situation for this? will be moving to mbc soon and am looking for season parking as well.
  8. Thxmel

    Nice luncheon meat fried rice

    there used to be a market or hawker centre near the sungei gedong camp along with a few blocks of hdb flats. I think that area is now used for fibua. anyway, the fried rice u mentioned shld be bought from a stall in the hawker centre, run by an old couple if i remembered correctly. That was back in 1997-1998...don't think they are operating anywhere now. yes i agree..very nice. chilli also damn shiok :)
  9. Thxmel

    Do you drive so far to work?

    used to drive to work from amk to jurong island. one way about 40km...reach office already shack out. now working in orchard area, one way 12km :P
  10. Thxmel


    yes! the round round one right? i rem one episode when something exploded and they showed the bulding shook... something like dat wo shi xiao didi...
  11. Thxmel


    i kenna before also...it was on cte northbound, between moulmien and jalan bahagia exit. The car infront for no reason suddenly jam braked and i had no choice but to jam brake immediately to avoid hitting it, but i see my rear mirror i know the march behind will hit me..and it happened. And out from nowhere, 2 guys started directing the traffic and assisted us to the side of the road, and there i see there were 2 other cars. I was thinking to myself how come got such good citizens one....as i was talking to the lady driving the march, this guy kept interrupting, telling me they can settle everything for me and can get me a car to drive while the car is in the workshop. I ignored them and settle everything with the other driver who gracefully admitted that its her fault and will pay all damages. Now that i recall, i really find it fishy. These pple are really scums...playing with pples' lives !!!
  12. eh i can see my pes status ley its at eHealth->eMedInfo
  13. google is your good friend http://www.exxonmobil.com/AP-English/Impor...iles/index.html
  14. nowadays find job also hard..so many criteria to fulfil.. bad times.. more good years ahead!
  15. Thxmel

    Champion League : Liverpool Last Chance

    no la this one u see the spool odds u know who the punters banking on the outright winner liao ma.. they play marseilles tonight not porto :P