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  1. Nobrainer32007

    Holidays in Turkey - December - Safe?

    Thank you.
  2. Nobrainer32007

    Holidays in Turkey - December - Safe?

    Thanks for the helpful response.
  3. Nobrainer32007

    Holidays in Turkey - December - Safe?

    Too cold or too near to ISIS? Worth going? Views and advice appreciated.
  4. Nobrainer32007

    Chevrolet Orlando

    Orlando owners especially 1.4L turbo please provide your feedback and review on this make. Basically, worth buying?
  5. Nobrainer32007

    MAS lastest CM measure

    Agree with u. Pay 1k tax a yr kpkb. Kns.
  6. Nobrainer32007

    New Couple going holiday

    jealous huh?
  7. Nobrainer32007

    Pretty or Not?

    can post your pic here to let us see and judge for ourselves?
  8. Nobrainer32007

    Stocks picks and tips, share any Ideas you have..

    GMG GLOBAL. In play now. 20% up no issue.
  9. Nobrainer32007

    How come my neighbour's dog only bark at me?

    since you ask so openly, you stink or got bad breath? try putting on some parfume....
  10. Nobrainer32007

    How much COV will you pay for this AWESOME HDB Flat?

    buy now at ridiculous price and regret in 5 years' time.
  11. Nobrainer32007

    2nd hand cars from Sgcarmart

    won't flame you lah. THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS YOU VERY CASH RICH LAH. Feel good about it? but you are not the only one you know
  12. Nobrainer32007

    BMW 3 series or Lexus IS250

    just curious, you driving a picanto?
  13. Nobrainer32007

    Pointless pumping Esso... etc etc....

    Good for you RIP
  14. Nobrainer32007

    Bank reject car loans

    one should live simply. there is joy in simplicity itself. take a bus, then enjoy the company of fellow passengers.