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  1. Snowblind

    Where to find Good Mee Goreng?

    Good luck trying to match food taste from older days. I'm still comparing and complaining a lot of dishes. Especially Malay food like mee Siam, mee rebus, mee soto and lontong. Can't seem to even find a decent nasi lemak nowadays. Either bland or too famous=expensive yet not up to expectation. You can try reading thru ieatishoot blog, they got quite a number of recommendations.
  2. Snowblind

    Engine Mounting

    Hi bro, one of the Mazda stock list dealer is near race course road, blk 685. Near the indian temple. Just went there last week to enquiry about Mazda 3 brake pads.
  3. Snowblind

    Price for changing brake pads

    Anyone driving a Mazda 3 2.0L? Enquired for my fren regarding buying the brakepads at stocklist and was quoted 140 just for rear pads. Any alternatives to Mazda brake pads? Thanks.
  4. Snowblind

    Need to replace clutch???

    Guys....it's not the clutch problem. It is the engine mount need to be changed. Enquired at fong tat I think, parts cost 500+. Think total cost will be almost 700. Sian. Thanks for your advice.
  5. Snowblind

    Need to replace clutch???

    Any advice?
  6. Snowblind

    Need to replace clutch???

    Hi bro, what do you mean by free play? Additional info, The car got no issue during idle, braking, neutral or higher gear/speed. And car no trashed either, uncle driver and me. I drag gear once in awhile but never floor the pedal. Try to Change gear at 2.5k rpm and never play with half clutch. Thanks.
  7. Snowblind

    Need to replace clutch???

    Hi all, there seems to an issue with my fathers car, Honda civic 1.6 manual, milage 70k. Yesterday when i used engine braking during 1st and 2nd gear, I felt vibration on the steering wheel. The speed was low, about 10-15km/h in my carpark. I believe the front wheel bearing also needs to be changed soon but that's another issue. Any advice on what might be the problem, clutch?
  8. Snowblind

    China tablet

    Bro try reading up the tablet subforum at hardware zone. There are quite a number of ppl using these china tablets. Alternatively you can go sim lim to touch touch and have a feel. I have an iPad and asus transformer currently, mainly for forum surfing. Looking to buy a cheap china tablet too to just play are with but want a 10' tablet. Word of advice, even if the tablet is cheap but is slow and laggy you will feel the frustration. And battery life matters as well, you dun want to keep charging you tablet every 2-4 hours after watching a movie or just surfing net. iPad really excels in battery life but sucks when trying to put in movies. Before going for my holiday trip, I tried to put in some movies. Gave up after a few hours and put the movies into my asus tablet.
  9. Snowblind

    Need Help: Workshop to replace Wheel Bearing.

    Hi all, my father's car is having the 'wong Wong' sound from the front left wheel. Did wheel balancing and alignment. The tyres are still quite new. I believe it might be the wheel bearing problem. The workshop told it might be the rims also which I dun quite think so. The car is a Honda civic 1.6 mileage are 70k. Any reliable workshops are central area to recommend? How long does the wheel bearing take to change and how much. Wun mind buying the part from honda dealer to fix. Thanks.
  10. Snowblind

    Top gear is back!

    Hello lol
  11. Snowblind

    Top gear is back!

    Tell me about it. One of my best discoveries. I like their sense of humor. Regardless of how ppl are critical of clarkson, I love how he says something sarcastic with a straight face. Loved the renault twingo review. Is it green......no.....it's red. It's the predictable stuff which are boring now. I like how they were given small sum of money to buy cheap cars. Always interesting choices of cars rather the current trend of choosing new super cars.
  12. Hi bro, Autosaver major servicing include what, transmission fluid and fuel filter also?
  13. Ur major servicing was done at 40k or gonna do at 50k?