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  1. Elriond

    Gambler busts 5 credit cards to pay S$200k debt

    i'm guessing dealers are taught on nearly every game there is the casino offers but of 'cos... i could be wrong...
  2. Elriond

    Gambler busts 5 credit cards to pay S$200k debt

    some ppl really damn funny... can't even use words to present their arguments properly but still like to argue on forums... LOL~
  3. actually i don't think will die if hit... unless u r crushed by some speeding 20/30 foot lorry or cement mixer... but 1 issue i'm worried abt light vehicles is stability... i.e. if e-brake will skid or worse... looking at the design, like quite ez 2 flip over...
  4. Elriond

    Fine$..should it be $25 or 400?

    What you posted is true. I wouldn't wanna be convicted in a public court of appearances, either. But I think in this case, it's pretty clear cut.
  5. TBH, i tink riera's pretty gd... i mean, of 'cos he's no C-Ron but last season, he made quite some contributions on de left side & scored some goals as well... tis season, seems like he n mascherano not up 2 de mark... as 4 babel, i tink benitez shouldn't haf bought him & he shouldn't haf come... 2 me, he had great potential... but benitez's no arsene wenger...
  6. ok, now 4 me 2 add in my 2cents worth... lol been some rumours goin ard after de match tat benitez's gonna get a 2nd striker 2 "complement/accompany" de kid... tink it was even on mon's ST sports section... now, question is... who would u wanna c in tat role? 4 me, there's only 1 person... David Villa... w/ him, i tink our attack wil b notting short of devastating...
  7. Elriond

    Touch N Go Refund

    thanks for the info, zniper & tonyg... no worries abt others... i usually ignore ppl who dun provide constructive criticisms... hahahaha...
  8. Elriond

    Touch N Go Refund

    care to post which sales office you went?
  9. Elriond

    Voltage Stabilizer,Is it necessary?

    roughly how much does the nanopulser cost?
  10. Elriond

    Do you exercise yr car`s engine?

    most, if not all, JDMs are electronically limited to 180km/h... From Wikipedia
  11. Elriond

    Touch N Go Refund

    if i got RM20 inside, i tink i oso forego lor... but i tink i got abt RM100-RM150 leh... can pay for toll all de way to bukit kayu hitam lor... lol de question I got is regarding point 3... they say, counter... but what counter? I asked my m'sian friends but they said most likely it's not those toll plaza counter...
  12. Elriond

    Touch N Go Refund

    wonder if anybody can help me... had a TnG card and last used it in aug last yr... tis yr sept went back m'sia and tried to use it but card was blocked... after searchin de net, realised that TnG cards must be used within a 12mth period or else it'll be designated as an inactive card... now, my question is... anybody knows where i can go to get a refund on my card? emailed them already, 1 month liao still no news... i've got > RM100 on my card... *sigh*
  13. Elriond

    Why our National Anthem is in Malay?

    just a minor correction... "official" name is coat of arms... and it's a lion & a tiger... not 2 tigers...
  14. Elriond

    Wedding Proposal Ideas(help!!)

    i mean, you call the hotel... talk with them... if you propose successfully (touch wood), maybe they will give you a discount to invite you to go back and stay with them for your wedding annivesary... like tis can understand? if still can't, can somebody help to explain? me england no powderful enuff...
  15. Elriond

    Wedding Proposal Ideas(help!!)

    agree w/ noobcar... approach the hotel & discuss w/ them... who knows? maybe hotel might even throw in some complimentary nite(s) stay or give you discount for your 1yr anniversary!