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  1. Mr_b20

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Then what kind of logic do you even talking about? You want fuel efficiency you don't get performance, you want performance you don't get fuel efficiency. My pet peeve is people who buy performance/bigger cc/suv/sports cars then keep whining about the higher fuel consumption. It's really oxymoron, should just buy a Prius or something.
  2. Mr_b20

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    Come'on lah.. cars in Sg already most expensive in the world, if one could bought a car in Sg but yet so concern about fuel consumption differences (at most, $50-100 a month difference?), might as well don't drive right?
  3. Mr_b20

    Budget direct insurance

    My personal advice to you is not to be penny wise pound foolish. Good luck.
  4. Mr_b20

    3 singaporeans picked for WWE tryouts

    Hopefully can make it to be a jabroni, also not bad.
  5. Mr_b20

    Hit and Run at MSCP

    Did you park head in?
  6. Mr_b20

    Unusual or rare cars

    This shop opposite mustafa, the indian shop boss bought the 3 offpeak QQ to chope the 3 lots infront of this shop permanently and also use the 3 cars as a storeroom for this goods.
  7. Only saw 2 cars overtaking a road hogger.Where's the race? Cam car damn suaku.
  8. The oil drain bolt is there for a reason. The vacuum method is just for lazy mechanics, which personally I will avoid at all cost. Think, when u want to shxt, do u use your butthole or you prefer to vacuum the shxt out from your mouth?
  9. Mr_b20

    Remove white stain left by petrol

    So the watering can put there is for drinking?
  10. Mr_b20

    Ultra poor service by TOUCH n GO

    TS don't waste time, faster post the video you took onto Lowyat forums, lagi better send to Dr.Mahathir.You will get the redress and apologies you as a Singaporean rightfully deserve!
  11. Any parent who can swim can teach their children themselves basic swimming, not need to throw their children to a class and play handphone themselves, just plain lazy.
  12. Thats the problem with roadbikes. They are too fast for the parks/pathways but too slow for the roads.
  13. Mr_b20

    Not many people had been here before

  14. Mr_b20

    Bto vs private condo

    Why you need to spend $3.50 on cai png?You can eat tree bark & grass for free. You wanna try?
  15. There were quite a number of openings to overtake those hoggers but black car did not took them, instead chose to tailgate and waste his own time (if he really was in a hurry).Not sure why, maybe black car lack power. Then again, nothing really wrong with black car at the end of the day. Useless video just showing plenty of road hoggers.