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  1. Like for the CVT transmission oil... Also replace every 100k, I was last told the oil cost 95sin exclude labour cost.
  2. Steffan

    Nissan Owners...!! Pls check in here..!!

    You buying brand new or pre-owned? You will return to Tan Chong for your first 100K or 3yrs which ever come first. Service package can refer to their charges/rate. Preowned subject to car age and condition..
  3. Steffan

    Best entry level 1.5L sedan car

    In term of space and features: latio, latest price for sylphy1.5 is competitive to latio.
  4. Steffan

    320i vs C200. Which is a better buy?

    I will prefer bmw, power handling is more superior than merc. While the other is comfort... Like Toyota compare with Honda.
  5. Steffan

    Sick Of Singtel

    Fully agreed. For singtel users, please beware on their VAS (value added services) when you re-contract with them. They usually comes with conditional free period trial and charges once trial period over. NO NOTICE/ REMINDER will be given to inform the promotion over. Most of us dont bother to refer the bills and worest, we leave it to GIRO to take care of the debiting. We are paying blindly without knowing these VAS are useful to us. THESE happen to my parents and uncles accounts: such as color me tone, caller ID, etc.
  6. Yeah, Pangkor island is a nice getaway for family with young kids. Driving up by N-S highway takes you less than 700km. Compare to Pulau Rendang as to close proxity distance, normal town road will lead you to Kuala Tengenganu. Plus: Durian feast in Segamat, dining at Yong Peng for Foo Chow food, travelling coast road along Tenggenganu senic view such as Cherating. Minus: Long hour drive, Boat ride to Redang(east coast) is not as great as the west coaster being of strong current unless you plan to fly via Bejaya in Seletar Airport from Sin.
  7. Steffan

    Durian farm

    Can also try Kukup durian farm not the famous Mao San but the kampong breed. Located after Pontian which is about 40mins drive away from JB town. Definite better than in JB town. Plus can dining at Pontian for local fresh seafood. Just drive up towards direction of Skudai/Senai, follow road direction to Pontian.