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  1. Model: Passat CC 1.8T Color: Black OMV: $30,479.00 PARF: $15,239.00 COE Expiry Date: 30 Aug 2019 Number of owners: 2 Selling the above. Good for COE renewal. Kindly PM me. Thanks.
  2. Hi CMCEX, Can PM ur contact? I have a car to scrap in the couple of months. Tks.
  3. Qrio

    Left Msia without chop

    Give kopi money. Simple. Been there done that. Lol.
  4. Qrio

    Malaysia Petrol Increase Again

    Saw 2 SG plate motorbikes pumping Ron95 yesterday. Motorbike can, Car cannot. Double standard sia :(
  5. Qrio

    Vinyl Wrap in Malaysia (JB)

    Hi, Anyone knows where can I do vinyl warp in Malaysia (JB)? TIA Cheers!
  6. Qrio

    Contact cleaner for o2 sensor

    Hey guys, Good things must share I managed to google the CRC MAF cleaner. Haha.. You can look for Chia at 96225477. The company is Kaizen Marketing & Trading. Address is 25 woodlands industrial park E1. Cheers!
  7. Qrio

    Contact cleaner for o2 sensor

    Hi, For those who receive the PMs, pls share the lobang. Thanks.
  8. Hi MCFers, Do you know can I get this product? I tried Autobacs but they do not carry this product. I'm okie with other brands as well. Please share your lobangs. Cheers & Thanks!
  9. Qrio

    Appeal for Witnesses

    Up for awareness!
  10. Qrio

    Sluggish Acceleration issue

    Afternoon's temperature high.. Confirm lost power compared to night. Bcos cold air contain more oxygen molecules which is better for combustion.. :)
  11. Quote for the Truth! They damn ON in Hougang area.. I kenna 2 times.. Only manage to waive the first time :(
  12. Qrio

    Any promo for tyres now?

    Rotation is free. But you must pay $10 for balancing.
  13. Qrio

    Amsoil VS Redline

    Anyone knows?
  14. Qrio

    Amsoil VS Redline

    Hi, Where is the best bang for buck to get Redline? I know Amsoil you can go M@Y@L@B. TIA
  15. Qrio

    COE bidding 7 Mar 2012

    77k liao.. Exciting..