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  1. Sigcomms

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    You may like ti check the setting on the HU e.g. bass/treble or eq control. It could be that it is tuned too high at certain band of freq. Set it to flat and fine tuned it to your liking but avoid setting it to max, 2 levels above and below should be ok.
  2. Sigcomms

    Appeal to traffic police

    Clean record so far and this is the 1st time (does not include the parking offence). Anyway, its my fault and hope there is a chance to waive the offence.
  3. Sigcomms

    Appeal to traffic police

    Most of the time as my daily trip is driving alone on short distance. This time round along pie slip road from pyl to kallang bahru fetching my grandma n relatives. Very chun to meet TP on patrol and forgot to belt up.
  4. Sigcomms

    Appeal to traffic police

    Was caught red handed by TP for driving without seat belt on just a moment ago. Any chances of appeal to avoid paying fine and demerit points? This is the time being stopped by TP after 15 yrs of driving. Sian....
  5. Sigcomms

    Is a subwoofer necessary?

    Don hve to remove the factory fitted rear speakers in the car. Just use the fader on the HU to keep the volume at zero. I presume u are using back the HU provided by the AD.
  6. Sigcomms

    Is a subwoofer necessary?

    Having a sub will fill up those lower freq range not able to produce by your door speakers. It can also divert some of the loading to your sub through crossover setting. Whether to go for dedicated amps/sub or active sub all depends on your appetite. However, go for amp/sub if going for a decent or entry setup. Forget abt the rear speakers. It will mess up the overall sound, even with time correction. So go for 2.1, neater. Make sure you get the time correction set up properly for the front n sub channel to achieve the best sound from the system. Caution: your pax will not be hearing what you are enjoying! Lastly, discuss with your installer to meet your expection. I guess you are looking for SQ and not SPL.
  7. I'm driving the jazz GD6 for the last 7 years and suspect that the shock and strut are worn out. May I know how much will it cost if change out the front and rear with mij kyb?
  8. Sigcomms

    DVBT-2 Receiver For Car

    Hi Bro, I also using the ac ryan playon live but unable to receive any signal using the antenna that comes with the set. I search around my house, found an old 300 ohms FM antenna and a 300-75 ohms matching unit. Guess what? It works perfectly.
  9. A dent on the door if i presume correctly will not affect the trade in value. Dealers usualy don bother as they will do up the car swee swee to cover up any damage. Naked eyes under normal lighting will not be able to tell.
  10. Sigcomms

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    Most likely HU is faulty if no amp is installed.
  11. Sigcomms

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    Its pretty obvious to find one in this forum with high no of good review.
  12. Sigcomms

    Audio Shop Recommendation

    What is wrong with the speakers? Just one or all of them? Could be bad connection or other problem, not necessary faulty speaker. Best to go to a trustworthy car audio shop to check it up. Usually no charge if no component replacement is required. There are a few with very good review that you can go to for further diagnosis of the problem.
  13. Sigcomms

    Auto gearbox maintenance

    I drove my car for 5 years before reaching 40k to change atf. About 2 year ago, when it changes from 3rd to 4th gear, it sometimes makes a abnormal sound as if the gear did not engaged properly. I ignored it and drove for another 2 years. After changing the atf, the sound disappeared or the AD is kind enough to rectify something but did not let me know. Now i guess i have to replace the atf every 2 years before something serious happen to the gearbox.
  14. Sigcomms

    'Downtown' line down

    20 yrs ago technology are much simpler compared to today's system which it is much more complicated and a lot of integration involved. The contractor also need to deliver the system at very short time and thus ended up with problem which takes time to resolve especially once the line is opened as they have limited time during the night to test and re-test the system.