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  1. Sure. Not to make it cheap, but easier. Truth is, I doubt Mercedes themselves make the money from these after market conversion.
  2. Mercedes should standardise the front bumper so that the AMG grills can be swop with the standard grill easily. This way, owners can interchange the look easily.
  3. Icta

    QMI ToughGuard Paint Protection Coating

    Hi Will be collecting my car in about 2 weeks time. What treatment do you recommend? Should i do it now immediately or wait till a few months later?
  4. Icta

    SKA plate

    Thanks Anyway, to all who got their SKA plate, congrats. I ask around and heard this SKA round very popular. Looks at the remainder 2 digit numbers after first round....left very little only! Heard most of the single digits went for astronomical sum! Not sure true or not, my friend knew someone who bidded $38k for 7 and still smell no smoke.
  5. Icta

    SKA plate

    Which dealer is that? I didn't saw it on Euro.
  6. Icta

    SKA plate

    Cant believe it. SKA66A......10K also cannot get!
  7. Icta

    Salary to buy a BMW

    wah 10k a month still find it stretch to own BMW? From your expense breakdown....should easily still have about 3-4k leftover leh??
  8. Hi ppl, really need advice here. I got a 2 digit number plate and got people want to buy. Problem is, I don't what's the procedure to sell? I get conflicting advice. Some say must transfer my car to the seller name ?! and then pay double transfer fee of $1300?! Some say no need, pay agent $500 and they settle everything for you. I call LTA, they say cannot transfer if both the cars don't belong to same owner???? Help pls!