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  1. Guys who collected coupons at SPC Tanjong Katong / SPC AMK, till when does it last? I collected 3 stacks of coupons from SPC Dunearn and it can last till November 2019. Like someone said, hope they will spread the coupons over more months.
  2. Mdfaz

    A New Chapter - Skoda Singapore

    Hi guys, any superb WA chat group to join? Booked a 1.8 Superb, expecting delivery in August. Thanks much :)
  3. Mdfaz

    2019 Seat Tarraco

    Hi hi, any tarraco owners here? Kindly pm me, thanks :)
  4. Mdfaz

    Seat Ateca

    Listed price after their promotion was 121.4k but the SE offered me 118.4k after removing in-car camera and solar film (which can get outside at a much lower cost). Loan interest rate at 1.98%. Also offered a good trade in value for my current car.. but wife still preferred a 7 seater so didn't bite. Yes i agree, vertex is vert aggressive. Their warranty is 3 years/120k leh.. that's what it says on their price brochure. Overall, Ateca is good deal if you're looking for a conti level SUV.
  5. Mdfaz

    Seat Ateca

    Yup, the ACC itself is worth to get the Xcellence model. Park Assist.. I can do without la. Compared to a similar compact SUV (Skoda Karoq), Ateca seems more worth it with the ACC already.
  6. Mdfaz

    Seat Ateca

    how is the reliability of the ateca so far? and the experience at the service centre? I don't see many atecas on the road. It's a good-looking car with good specs, especially with the ACC (Xcellence model).
  7. Mdfaz

    Kia Carens 2015: all new 7-seater arrives

    Hi guys, has anyone booked Carens Diesel recently? Current promo states from $106,999 (from SGCarmart) - which i suppose is for the EX model. SX model should be 6k higher, so around $112,999? Will take a close look at the car and head down to the showroom.
  8. Mdfaz

    Honda CRV -facelift with 1.5 turbo

    Hello, can PM me too? Cheers.
  9. That's because they were a CaseTrust company and I threatened to bring it up with Case since it was only 3 months that i took over the car (although I wasn't sure what Case's legal powers were). He initially wanted to bring in to his own workshop which would take 2-3 days and would foot the bill but I didn't trust. In the end, we settled for my own workshop (my mechanic which I trusted) and they foot 75% of the bill. Fair enough to me.
  10. As someone has mentioned, don't believe everything the dealer says. I bought my current car (which was serviced by agent from day 1 with receipts as proof). But the gearbox failed within 3 months. Had to bang table with the dealer (casetrust dealer btw) and he finally relented to foot 75% of the bill. Buying second hand cars a bit of finding a needle in a haystack sometimes. I had 2 previous cars from the same make before and they served me well, so I was pretty confident with this one until i experienced gb failure. So cannot be so sure.
  11. Thanks man, it's alright. i'll just go get the ones they are giving out at the station. My bad for throwing away bank letters almost asap.
  12. Usually i dislike bank letters.. so my first instinct is to bin it away... What to do.. I'll just drop by Caltext Braddel during lunch to top up and get those vouchers they are giving away.
  13. Oh gosh. Think I threw it into the bin, now that you mentioned it.
  14. Best to bring to a qualified mechanic to have the car checked. What's the car's mileage? My stream's gear box failed 4 months after I bought it, and the dealer agreed to foot 75% of the cost of replacing the box. It's not cheap, easily in the region of $2k plus. As for the FC, it depends on your driving pattern. I average 9-9.5 km/l because I am a heavy footer. Occassionally 10km/l.
  15. Mdfaz

    Honda JADE six seaters coming soon!

    How much was this custom mod of removing armrest and adding in centre seat + seat belt? Or was it part of your package with the PI? A pity the jade doesn't come with an option of 7 seater.