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Found 3 results

  1. hi, have a problem today. hope you guys know what it is. kia forte 1.6sx of 5 years and 4 months old, 77Kkm mileage. Today the car jerks at idle at red light, and i can see that RPM slight jumps up and down, like 400rpm - 700rpm. Usually it is idle at 400rpm without up and down. The jerk is about every 4 seconds, not constant jerking. can feel the car tremble. When i press the throttle to accelerate during travelling, the car will jerk again, and does not accelerate instantly as normal. after a while it accelerates to a higher cruising speed, then it's OK again. During jerking, the engine light flashes like 10 times. when the jerk stops, engine light becomes off again. I just changed engine oil and engine filter 2 months ago. Is this worn spark plugs, or ATF due to change (coz it's been a while), or both, or something else? Thanks.
  2. CheeJun

    Kia is on a roll

    Kia has definitely been pressing the right buttons in the design department. From the big surprise that the Cerato Forte gave all of us, and the new Sorento, here comes the first few images of Kia's new Sportage. Unfortunately for Kias, they have always been labelled a cheaper, inferior, alternative to Japanese cars which had better quality control, better engines and more reliable engines. But recently, the Koreans have been doing some catching up. The Cerato Forte is a huge success, with its break-through design and an interior that you actually feel comfortable in rather than sitting there for the sake of travelling from point A to B. Kia has evolved and transformed into cars that people want to buy. I've sat in the old Cerato and that felt like sitting in a Little Tikes playhouse; plastic everywhere, and I might say that Little Tikes uses better quality plastics than the Kias of old.. Now this, this is different. The new Sportage will debut at the Geneva Motor Show and it may turn a few surprised heads over there. It looks bold, sporty (as it should be) and more low slung than before. The old one looked as if it was mashed up together with panels from different cars, a disoriented mess. But this looks much more fluid, even rather handsome. Its going to be more practical too, having a longer wheelbase giving passengers more legroom and boot space. As for the engines, details aren't concrete yet but Kia say that they will have the standard 2.0 litre diesel and petrol engines but may feature smaller, more efficient units as well. I guess we'll have to wait till this new baby lands in Geneva to find out more
  3. SYF77

    5-door Kia Cerato Forte released

    Also making its world premiere at New York Auto Show today is a hatchback variant of Kia's hugely popular Cerato Forte. The five door model joins the current four-door saloon and two-door (Koup) coupe versions of the Forte. Stylistically, the hatchback conversion of the Forte is far less adventurous than you would expect from a company that has churned out some interesting designs lately including the Optima and Sportage. There are no photos of the interior yet, but Kia's release makes word of a revised center console, new paddle shifters for the automatic transmission and the addition of a push-button start. North American consumers will have a choice of the 2.0 and 2.4-liter engines while customers in other markets will be able to choose from the 1.6 and 2.0-liter powerplants. More interestingly, the Forte 5-door has been fitted with Hyundai Group's latest six speed automatic transmission. This means that we can expect to see the sedan version be fitted with the 6 speeder quite soon. If the Forte comes fitted with a new 1.6L Turbo powerplant in the future, the Japanese are in deep s--t! In Singapore, the Forte 5-door would make a good alternative to the Hyundai I30. For those who are upset that the Kia Ceed is not available locally, they can take heart that the 5-door Forte could make a local debut. Folks at Cycle & Carriage, please make it happen!