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Found 1 result

  1. Voodooman

    AI - Job Killer?

    It has been estimated that between 10%-40% of jobs could potentially be automated, fully or partly, in the next 10 years using artificial intelligence (AI). This will only accelerate as Silicon Valley and its likes around the world work on new technologies to disrupt every industry. Retail numbers are bad with e-commerce. Friends in banking are telling me they are expecting massive retrenchment in the next 5 years, with large scale branch closure and as automation takes root, with digital banking. In the US, Andrew Yang is running as a democratic presidential candidate on "freedom" dividend and making predictions that autonomous driving will cost 3 million trucking jobs in the US and another 4 million supporting jobs within 10 years. Some say lots of new AI / tech jobs will be created, guess that is why G is liberalizing FT policy for technology but I doubt they will be enough to replace local jobs that will be lost permanently. So what would be a futureproof job? I can think of plumbing, perhaps therapists and other clinical roles? Even prostitutes can be replaced with virtual reality! Perhaps 3-4 days work week will be here soon... just to keep all employed? With the end of lifetime employment, got to be prepared to be hired, fired and retrained several times over your entire working life. What is your view? https://www.forbes.com/sites/cognitiveworld/2018/08/07/job-loss-from-ai-theres-more-to-fear/amp/