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Does batman ever get parking fines?

By 911fan on 05 Jan 2010

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Parking attendants. Love 'em (Ha!) or hate 'em they're always there and they were there last night. Waiting in the shadows for an unsuspecting owner like me to leave his car so they can plant their revolting white paper slips on my windshield. Last night was the second time this month that these 'educators' have imparted a lesson onto a new car owner like me.

Unfortunately, the 'tuition fee' last night was much higher than the lesson was worth. Seriously though, I truly suspect that these parking attendants spend part of their probation training with the Commandos or Navy SEALs. They appear when you least expect it and they slip away so quietly you'll never know they were there and leaving only their white slips behind.

In all honesty, I didn't know that just stepping out for a short trip to the loo would levy such a heavy fine on me. I admit that it was negligence on my part but that doesn't make the lesson any less painful. Just two weeks ago, I got a parking fine for leaving my car in a public carpark on a Sunday. Who would've thought that there wasn't free parking in that area? Again, yes I could've checked the parking notice at the carpark's entrance...

I guess I'll just have to accept these little 'lessons' as part and parcel of motoring in Singapore (or any other urbanised metropolis) for a new car owner. You know what? If I combined all the parking fines I've gotten this month (which is two), I would've afforded another one of my precision built model cars. Crazy isn't it?

Sometimes I wish my car came with an option list that includes anti-personnel equipment like tasers, trank darts or even pepperspray as an option to deter parking attendants from ever getting too close. I'm sure if the Batmobile were real, no parking attendant would ever get close enough to plant a ticket. If and when he actually manages to plant a ticket, it'll probably be his last. Considering that he would either be machine-gunned or tasered to death.

Ah...what a world it'll be! To have parking attendants turned crispy for planting one on your car....one can only fantasise... [rifle]

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Written by 911fan
A big fan of Porsche’s 911 series, he believes that there's no purer power than the 3.6-litre twin charged flat six found in a 997 Turbo.

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TangoElite Jan 05 2010 01:34 PM
no need to drive batmobile, just remove your wipers...
Ragingbull Jan 05 2010 03:52 PM
Wouldn't that constitute another fine? haha
Nicholas Jan 05 2010 07:46 PM
Batmobile no number plate, will be 'orh kong' for that instead.
Quirky Jan 05 2010 10:00 PM
You don't see it, but Robin actually tears the parking coupons for batman...
Yoongf Jan 06 2010 08:51 AM
No licence plate number to issue summon to. Standard wheel clamp also cannot fit these tyres.

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