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He traveled over 11,000Miles to buy this van

By Blogger on 07 Aug 2011

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A customer has travelled over 11,000 miles from New Zealand to snap up a bargain Fiat Doblo van from Motorpoint, as it was cheaper to buy the vehicle from the UKs leading car supermarket, than it would be to buy the same van new at home.

Former Brit resident, Dan Love, 45, from Central Otago, New Zealand, first came across Motorpoint in 2007, when he bought a van from the Derby based car supermarket whilst he was still living in the UK.

When Dan needed a delivery van for his free range Egg business, which services some of the biggest pubs in his region, he found that the costs of a new vehicle in New Zealand were too expensive, so he came back to Motorpoint to see what they had on offer. Even with export and flight costs to sign the necessary paperwork taken into consideration, Dan is still saving more money buying the van from Motorpoint, than he would buying new in his adopted home country.

The van is being shipped over from the UK with recently purchased parts for some Land Rovers, which Dan now restores, to save further money, but even if it was transported by itself, it would still only cost around 1,500.

The Fiat Doblo Cargo short wheel base, diesel 1.6 Multijet van purchased by Dan, was priced at just 7,299, offering a saving of 7,081*, and came with ABS, a fitted extra worth 298. With a mileage of just 55 on the clock, the savings are even clearer.

Dan Love said; Buying a similar van in New Zealand would cost at least 40% more than the bargain I have found at Motorpoint. I have saved money even when you take into account other costs such as transportation. Im paying a price in the UK for a new van, which would only buy one in New Zealand that was about eight or 10 years old! We loved our last Fiat Doblo van from Motorpoint and are sure this one will serve us equally as well.

When I still lived in the UK, I had previously bought a van from Motorpoint and found them to offer great savings and really efficient customer service, so they were the choice for me again this time. Theyve been very helpful in terms of the arrangements for the relevant VAT paperwork and so on. Ive never done this before but its worth the 11,000 mile plus journey to save this much money!

David Shelton, Managing Director, Motorpoint, said; We know the customer savings we offer are good but I dont think weve ever had someone travel over 11,000 miles just to save money with us before! It is also great to hear that Dan is a repeat customer of Motorpoint having found our prices and service to be top quality previously. We are delighted to go above and beyond the norm in terms of customer service to help Dan with his purchase and wish him every success in his business!

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Mustank Aug 07 2011 10:21 PM
cheaper than NZ$?

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