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2012 Suzuki Swift Sport unveiled and it looks good.

By Rigval on 18 Aug 2011

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Suzuki has unveiled a photo, one measly photo of the 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport to the world. This little teaser is ahead of its launch at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show in September. This is actually one car which I have been anticipating as its predecessor showed us a back to basics approach towards hot hatches.

The previous Suzy Swift Sport was a corker in terms of handling and the key factor in owning a hot hatchback, affordability. It isn’t like one of those hatchbacks that are equipped with exotic alloys for bonnets, boots and doors, expensive Brembo brakes and highly strung engines. This car actually was built up sensibly yet allowed the driver the pleasures of trail braking and in some instances, holding the car in a high speed drift through a sweeping bend (if you’re heroic). And it was affordable because of that sensibility.

And now the new Swift Sport will hopefully follow in its predecessor’s footsteps. What has been revealed by Suzuki to us is that the new Swift Sport will be powered by an evolution of the previous 1.6liter engine but with a 6 speed gearbox. The new engine gets a power hike. Not much, but it’ll now give you 134bhp instead of 125bhp and slightly more torque too.

Not much has been revealed about the suspension except that it should offer “superior cornering stability and brisker, more responsive handling”. This is courtesy of different shock absorbers with tuned internal revound springs and an “exclusive rear-suspension design”. How exclusive isn’t mentioned but I predict a rework of the beam axle (as in the previous Swift Sport) to make it have less twist and less roll (obviously).

The new Swift Sport should share the same 2430mm wheelbase but is stated that it is 40mm longer due to the different front and rear bumpers. The front looks pretty similar to the outgoing Swift Sport but the design is edgier. It also gets larger 17inch alloys by the looks of it. Suitable as the car is slightly larger than previously. The Swift Sport is also shown in its 3 door guise. I predict this is as the previous model, for the European market as we should get the 5 door variant over here.

No interior photos have been released, but I’d imagine the same high backed seats (with Recaro options) up front, some alloy pedals and gearknob and a nicely sized leather wrapped steering wheel. You shouldn’t expect much more than the usual hot hatch accents as it’s a Swift Sport. Something that was born from a decent looking, decently built supermini and not an Aston Martin. But it is still something worth waiting for if you get my drift.

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