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Next generation MX-5 will be turbocharged

By FaezClutchless on 11 Dec 2011

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The next generation Mazda MX-5 is expected to be released in 2014 and Mazda promised that it will go back to basics as its main focus. Mazda has focused entirely on making the MX-5 just like the original first model but with one minor change. The new car will be smaller and narrower, lighter with sharp handling features and for the first time, it will be turbocharged.

Images of a Mazda MX-5 MPS began to emerge in my mind after hearing this news. (Of course there’s no such model, it’s just my imagination running wild)

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For the local market, we didn’t get the MPS version of Mazda’s cars except for the first generation Mazda6 MPS which only a handful of units were ever sold locally. Featuring a 2.3 litre engine and delivering around 256bhp, it was a serious contender for the Subaru WRX during the mid 2000s.

The new MX-5 will not only be smaller in terms of size but the engine’s displacement will be smaller too. Currently, the NC MX-5 uses the 2.0 Mazda LF engine, running at around 160bhp. The new engine is rumoured to be a turbocharged 1.3 litre, featuring Mazda’s new SkyActiv technology which improves fuel efficiency and also performance.

The new engine is said to be comparable in power with the old one. That means it will offer around the same power as the current car. Transmission wise, the new car will be offered with the usual manual and auto options and of course, Mazda will have to tweak their level of efficiency as well.

It is also expected that the new MX-5 will be more of a “driver’s car.” Most buyers are attracted to the MX-5’s cool, open-top factor which gives a wind-blowing-in-your-face thing that only convertible/roadster owners would understand.

But most of the MX-5 owners don’t really analyse the car’s handling finesse when they are buying it and this is one of the reasons why Mazda is going back to the way of the original MX-5 which was well known for its balanced handling. In a way, they want to raise the awareness of future MX-5 buyers.

A new platform will be used for the car and it will give a total weight of around 800kg. It is possible that Mazda will offer the new car in different sub-models which may include a luxury and also a sporty model.

A lightweight car (800kg) with a rather healthy 1.3 litre turbocharged engine plus Mazda’s handling technology expertise makes a great open-top roadster and I can’t wait to see what Mazda has in store for us.

Photo credit: Net Car Show

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