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Infiniti unleashing a 530hp twin turbo model

By FaezClutchless on 20 Apr 2012

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Infiniti is the luxury division of Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company and since the second half of 2010; the company unveiled its new performance division, known as Infiniti Performance Line or IPL for short. It certainly looks as though Infiniti is challenging Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s M cars, but its execution is far from those two German performance machines.

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Infiniti Etherea Concept

The Infiniti G37 IPL has 348 horses, an up-rated suspension system, some fancy accessories and the ability to hit a 100km/h in a quick 5.5 seconds. It is pretty fast but not in similar leagues to the AMG or M derived cars. But this is going to change soon as Infiniti will release the next-generation G model in 2014 and the IPL version will be all about performance.

Let’s start with some news of the next-generation G model first. The design of the new G model was hugely inspired by the Ethera Concept, especially in the front-end and the headlights. The new model will retain much of its current dimensions but the roof will plunge further more towards the back. This will give the car a more robust and sleek profile.

The best part of the new G model is the high performance IPL version. It will be launched together with other next-generation G models and it is rumoured to be manufactured at the same facility as the Nissan GT-R. An all new 3.7-litre twin turbocharged V6 engine will power the G IPL variant. It is rated at 530hp and will be assembled exclusively in Japan.

With the introduction of the “Super G”, Infiniti will definitely take on the likes of Mercedes’ C63 AMG and BMW’s M3. the engine will be hand built, just like the current IPL and GT-R engine and it will fall under Nissan’s Tochigi brand which means a unique brand of Japanese-made performance, luxury and quality.

Finally, the Infiniti Etherea Concept will enter production form but with a toned down design. The car will be front-wheel driven and will feature a Nissan-sourced 2.5-litre supercharged hybrid engine.

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