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Nissan's Geneva Motor Show display items in a nutshell

By Rigval on 28 Feb 2010

Attached Image - The 370z Roadster. This picture is here as the other cars aren't interesting enough to be put up first.

Hello folks. This is what Nissan will be debuting or showing off to the general public at the upcomming Geneva Motorshow (4th to the 14th of March 2010), and the only thing I can do is yawn. Here’s a summary:

World debut of Nissan's all-new Global Compact Car
Attached Image: nissanmicraspyshot.jpg

A new Nissan March. Obviously. And unless Nissan suddenly makes it handle like a Mini or a Swift I would be genuinely looking forward to this. The current March looks like the Pokemon Pikachu on wheels. Cute and cuddly but not as cute as the previous one if you look at the photo. Cute and cuddly does not mean it drives well. As far as I can remember, Nissan have not made any brilliant superminis or hatchback since the Nissan Sunny GTI-R. That’s like a quarter century ago. I know that bread and butter cars are just there to add money to the coffers. But can’t Nissan come up with a stonking hot supermini? Or it is because of the Renault-Nissan alliance that if you want a hot hatch, you buy a Renault? If that is the case, could we see a Nissan badged Twingo 133 please?

World debut of Juke small Crossover
Attached Image: juke.jpg

Another soft roader. Like we need another small Nissan March sized compact SUV that purportedly meets a sports car. Isn’t a sports car low slung to benefit from a low centre of gravity? The fairer sex would love this Tonka toy for its high up driving position and its looks. Again, could we see a Nissan badged Twingo 133 please instead of more niche crossover vehicles?

European debut of Nissan's pioneering Leaf Electric Vehicle
Attached Image: nissan_leaf.jpg

Pioneering was the word that Nissan themselves used to blurb about the car in the press release. I thought someone else would usually give a term to something instead of the manufacturer themselves. Anyway, how much more Green can you go with a car that’s electric and named Leaf. Unless it’s a withered and faded brown leaf. It’s a pure electric car. No petrol engine bolted to it so that fact and newly designed batteries basically make it pioneering I suppose. Will unlikely be sold here in this region unless there are power sockets everywhere. Which is unlikely to happen any time soon.

As for looks. It is a shapelier Latio with a JLo styled butt. At least it looks good. After seeing all those Prius about, the Leaf has proper proportions and sporty futuristic looks. The Prius looks like a whale. An elongated wedge and slightly slab sided looks all for the purpose of aerodynamic efficiency. Then again, Mercedes could design the new E-Class with all those lines and gills and still have one of the best Drag Co-efficient results ever. The Prius is all function over form and at least the Leaf isn’t. I suppose that’s a good thing about a car that may never be sold here at the moment.

Updated Qashqai also being shown for the first time

Yawn. Another fashionable crossover SUV. Nothing new, move along people.

Refreshed Pathfinder & Navara on display

4X4s. Unless you go into the forests of Pahang on a regular basis or you go to construction sites all the time it isn't that interesting.

370Z Roadster in its European motor show debut

A slight ‘Yay!’. But there is really nothing new here except the roof folds in 20 seconds. Move along folks.

And there you have it folks. Nissan’s Geneva Motor Show highlights. Yup, I got it from the news/press release section for media type people and it has put me off opening any more mail from car manufacturers as regards this upcoming motor show. It is quite dull to read anything that does not properly mention handling, speed or power but economy and emissions (the March write-up), crossover vehicles (the Juke and “Squashed Kai”), going really, really green (the Leaf), diesel 4X4s with added fuel efficiency as the main highlight – actually shows nothing really extraordinary (Pathfinder and Navarra) and a convenient automatic cabriolet roof. This press release is making me sleepy. Excuse me while I take a nap. Feel free to agree or disagree while I am doing so but keep the noise levels down please.

Attached Image: 133.jpg - A car I wish Renault- Nissan would try launching as a Nissan in this region. It would sell more as a Nissan here than as a Renault.

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Written by Rigval
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