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More from Geneva: Carlsson Super GT C25

By Rigval on 14 Mar 2010

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Hello. We're back with mental Mercedes Benzes again. This time Carlsson has decided to do their own version of the AMG SL65 Black in their own manic little way. The Carlsson Super GT C25 is a fixed head coupe unlike the model the car is based upon, the normal SL65. Like the AMG SL65 Black, the GT C25 has its own bespoke bodywork that dispenses with the folding top and has that fixed roof. Of course this lessens weight by losing all those motors and folding roof parts from the original SL65. The material utilized for the bespoke bodywork is mainly the very light and very strong carbon fibre. All the lights have been changed and from the outside, it is barely recognizable as a Mercedes.
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The interior is surprisingly a very dull brown with some yellow thrown about here and there. After the fairly outrageous (for a Mercedes) exterior, the show car's interior is pretty subdued. I think it needs a Gemballa like interior with all those garish red quilted leather to really make an impact. Maybe Carlsson wanted a balance that wouldn't chase away prospecting customers as they are only planning to build 25 units of the C25. Anyway, the interior is fully customizable with only 1 unit allocated per country. I wonder if there's any allocated for Singapore or even this region?

So what's the other specification like? On the aerodynamic front, the bodywork includes a rear double diffuser and those very wide sculpted arches. According to Carlsson, the car produces zero lift up to speeds of 220mph. The C25 has a fully “intelligent undercarriage” according to the write-up. This means that the suspension is fully adaptive and continuously adjusts according to road surface. This is coupled with the usual raft of Mercedes Benz safety equipment from ABS, EBD, crash behaviour, pedestrian protection and the kitchen sink too. The owner's manual would be surely telephone directory thick.

The V12 twin turbo engine makes 753bhp and an electronically limited 1150nm (from a planet pulling 1320nm) allows for a 0-100km/h time of 3.7secs. Somehow, people seem to like mad Mercs. There is a market for these sort of cars. If you seem to notice no one does totally mad BMWs or Audis. There are surprisingly madder Bentleys and Rolls Royces than mad BMWs and Audis out there. You may get tuners doing them occasionally, but somehow when it comes to Mercedes', there's a certain humour in doing so turning one sedate, stately Mercedes into a racing car.
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