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Nissan GT-R beats a fighter jet

By RchLuvSlly on 19 Apr 2013

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If you're looking for an ideal car for a drag race, we suggest that you take the 2013 Nissan GT-R into consideration. We wouldn't recommend it for nothing, it's even faster than a fighter jet - the Hawker Hunter, in this case! Well, that's true provided the jet doesn't take its wheels off the ground.

When you take a look at the specification sheet of the new GT-R from the Japanese automaker, its actually quite an embarrassment to compare it to the specification sheet of the jet. Imagine 550bhp of power and 627Nm of torque of the Nissan GT-R against 22,000bhp of power that comes from the Hawker Hunter jet! Nonetheless, the Japanese sports car managed to accelerate from a complete standstill to a speed of 100k/h in just 2.7 seconds.

Nissan Germany was in charge of organising the drag race between the sports car and the giant beast. The race took place in Switzerland and was meant for N_Magazine. Nissan dedicated the race to its customers so it's kind of more than natural to think of it as a promotion.

The 2013 Nissan GT-R is already available for order in Europe. Yet, to see one on our shores, we might have to wait until later this year, if not next year, when Nissan starts marketing the model to other countries in the world.

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Written by RchLuvSlly
Being a car enthusiast since his childhood, cars always make Richie Setiawan curious and want to find out more about them.

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Ooosh Apr 19 2013 04:13 PM
The headline should be "Nissan GTR beats a fighter jet for 1st 500m". What is the point of doing such meaningless race when the jet plane will smoke you once the afterburners come up and lift off....

Seriously there is no need to do such promotion when everyone knows the launch control in GTR is world class...
Wormvirus Apr 19 2013 09:00 PM
veyron also did a jet test, so its gtr turn & we enjoy it
Renegade777 Apr 20 2013 03:21 PM
Whahahaha.........1st 10m, me can also be faster than the fighter jet.
Zogel Apr 21 2013 06:27 AM
Hunter has no afterburners...
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