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Fancy an Audi Saga 1.3a?

By Rigval on 31 Jul 2010

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Remember the statement I wrote in this previous article about the BMW 5 series M-Sport accessories? I stated that there are those that dream of owning a M5 but can afford a 525, 530 or that sort so they add on the M-Sport bodykits so that their car looks more like an M5 instead of looking like the bread and butter base models. This are people working within their means, and so is this chap who's now selling his Audi Saga 1.3A on a Malaysian buy-sell site.

This chap is really working within the scope of what he can afford as he has decided that his Proton Saga 1.3A is actually an Audi. Lots of work, money and time was spent on making this 'Audi'. He must have sat down and thought really hard, "Since I cannot afford that A4, I will build myself one".

Check out the front end with the LED daytime running lights, that 'Nuvolari' front one piece grill, driving lights and that split front spoiler like the one on an A4.

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I suppose this meter cluster with its 'P' and some other lights is the car's MMI (Audi Multi-Media Interface).

The car, as I stated above is being sold on a Malaysian buy-sell site. I believe the owner realised that whatever he did to the car will not turn it into an Audi. Anyway, if this was really an Audi this is the dumpiest looking 'Audi' ever made and the only time you'd see me driving the Audi Saga is if my life depended on it – like if I were chased by a herd of angry elephants or attacked by a hoard of irritated Toyota Avanza owners. But if it were a Proton, it may be the best looking Proton Saga in Malacca. But that's about it really, except maybe we could give him an 'A' for his nearly epic effort. But if any readers are interested (I hope there aren't any), kindly head over to the site for contact details.

The salespitch:
only one in melacca now...... nice car, view to believe...... 4 pcs michelin tyre.... new 15 inch sport rim.... call to view..... sms and email will not be entertain....."very clean interior. accident free"

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Attached Image: saga_audi_4.jpg

Photos and actual jaw dropping, head spinning advert: mudah.my

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Written by Rigval
Born in 1972. Married with a kid. Loves B-road drives and have driven cars from the 1950s to date.

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Ferraricalifornia Jul 31 2010 12:37 PM
looks like an A3 from a really big distance....

it'll look more convincing should the owner change the headlamps to style it to look like the A4's though,

not just those LED blue dots....
Xspace Jul 31 2010 12:56 PM
Still out audi logo there.. power sia... :P
Dh15 Jul 31 2010 06:00 PM
That Audi logo must have been stolen off some Audi from Singapore. =X
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