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High COE Just Shows How Car Crazy We Are

By Blogger on 21 Sep 2010

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Us Singaporeans are a car crazy bunch. Buying a car in Singapore is an expensive proposition. Driving a car too. And with the COE cuts translating into sky high (by recent years' standard) COE prices, car prices have rocketed further upwards.

But still we Singaporeans can't stay away from our cars. If we could afford it, we would almost certainly buy it.

A quick and unscientific survey of the multi-storey carpark in my estate reveals that the recent increase in COE has not dampened the car buying and upgrading spirit of the Singaporean heartlander. Competition for car park lots is intensifying and returning home after 9.30pm now means parking at the top few storeys. A quick glance around the car park reveals quite a few spanking new cars with spanking new plates indicating a very recent registration date. And the car mix is shifting away from bread and butter cars as more upmarket brands start making their presence felt. And, mind you, I stay in a less desirable (read poorer) part of our sunny island.

I myself am equally guilty. The high COE prices have not put an end to my plans to buy a new car to replace the one I sold off recently. It has merely made me adjust my expectations and forced me to look harder now that the cars I originally planned to buy are out of my reach. I have also decided to save a bit more to increase my budget. But it doesn't cross my mind for a second to abandon my car buying plans. Even though I could never drive to work (CBD). Even though I can use the family car on most weekends. There is no doubt I am car crazy.

So what drives us Singaporeans car crazy? Many of us have our own theories. But speaking for myself, my car is something of a passion or a hobby. I enjoy owning and driving cars. It makes me tick and motivates me to crawl out of bed in the morning to head to work. That is why I strive so hard to own one.

What about you, are you car crazy?

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Written by Blogger
Not only do their passion for cars burn pavements, their thoughts and ideas on cars are as fast as the word go.

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Zniper Sep 21 2010 10:42 AM
yes i admit i am... but i cant afford to change car now even i would like badly... at least i noe where i stands and my own limits... :)
Vblues Sep 21 2010 10:55 AM
My car is coming to 3 years now. Given the crazy prices I guess I've no choice but to drive it to its full 10 years.
ILNivleK Sep 23 2010 11:08 AM
My motivation is the same as yours...
Dice Sep 26 2010 10:18 PM
Car = freedom
Car = choice

With a car I have the freedom to go place I normally will not and that is a choice I wouldn't give up!

Yes I luv cars and therefore am car crazy and I am proud of this obsession.
Timmz2000 Nov 02 2010 12:41 AM
itz a convenience that once tasted, you will not want to do without.
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