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The best Iphone apps for your car

By CheeJun on 30 Dec 2009

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The Iphone Invasion cannot be ignored any longer. Even if you don't own an Iphone, chances are you may own an Ipod Touch. And both these devices have revolutionized the way we see phones or MP3 players. They're not essential devices anymore, they have become an integral part of our lives, using them to surf the Internet or to get directions using GPS. But with the Iphone, the number of applications or Apps as we now call it, that we can download are close to 100,000! The best part is, most of these Apps are free!
Though some may cost an affordable $0.99 or slightly more, I think its worth it if you really use them on a day to day basis. The biggest problem is they may become so addictive you'd pay more attention to your Iphone rather than the road, so beware.

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TrafficAlert & Trafficam SG - FREE

Well I guess you can probably tell by the names, these are Apps which tell you how congested the roads are in Singapore. If you hate waiting for the traffic updates on the radio by Djs who don't really mention all the traffic hold ups on the road, these are the Apps for you. However, the coolest thing about one of these Apps, (TrafficAlert) is that users can alert each other about traffic police activity! :o These alerts come via Push notification so it can be a bit distracting at times especially if you're driving in an unaffected area and your Iphone starts to vibrate for no reason, but other than that I think these Apps are fantastic.

Click here to download TrafficAlert
[url="http://itunes.apple.com/sg/app/trafficam-sg/id298595036?mt=8""]Click here to download TraffiCam[/url]

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Carpark@SG - FREE

You'll be able to find the nearest car park together with the parking rates before entering the car park. Especially useful if you're rushing in town and parking spaces are few and far between. With Carpark@SG, you'll never get frustrated for going into a car park and finding out that its uber expensive per hour...

Click here to download Carpark@SG

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Speedbox - $2.99

If you've been getting speeding tickets on a regular basis because your right shoe tends to floor the pedal, this is the App for you. It uses the iphone 3GS's built in GPS receiver to calculate your current speed and distance covered. It even gets the direction in which you are heading! The best part about this App is that it has a Head's Up Display option where it displays a mirror image so you can place it on your dash in front of you and the image is projected onto your windscreen for a super cool HUD..

Click here to download Speedbox

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VehiCal - Car Expense Management - FREE

This is incredibly useful if you're the type who loves to talk about your car in terms of km/litre. Enter the key details needed and fuel prices, this baby will automatically calculate your car's average fuel consumption and running costs. It can even input more than one car. However, if you already have a trip computer in your car, I don't really see how this can really help. Nonetheless, its still great for those without one.

Click here to download VehiCal

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F1 Timing App - $29.99

For the F1 fans, this has to be an essential App whether its on your iphone or ipod touch. I guess it is rather expensive but for the hardcore F1 fan, it is the only official F1 live timing and track positioning application available and features sensational detail and 3D views on your screens. I can't see much better use for this than when Michael Schumacher is here, you'd be able to see his car just annihilate the rest of the field on your iphone and I think that's incredible. Its the best way to follow the Grand Prix weekend since timing and track positioning is available for Practice sessions, Qualifying and the Race. If you don't want to spend your money on this App, you can try to download the free F1 Insider Lite which basically gives you the details about the race and leaderboards and other stuff, just without the 3D views and track positioning.

Click here to download the Official F1 timing App
Click here to download F1 Insider Lite

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Dynolicious - $12.99

The most expensive App here, but also the most mind boggling. The Nissan GTR may already have tons of gizmos in its dash, but since not everyone has one, this is your alternative. It can measure the car's lateral Gs, 0-100kmh acceleration time and other geeky stuff that people who add turbos and huge exhausts to their cars will love. This is the ultimate petrol-head's dream! It uses the Iphone's built in accelerometer to provide the readouts which can be stored or even shared on Facebook or Twitter. However, if you're looking for a Free alternative, there's Pocket Dyno which does about the same stuff, but less.

Click here to download Dynolicious
Click here to download Pocket Dyno

There you have it. Just a few Apps which can enhance your driving pleasure. Anyone else with more suggestions please comment!

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Written by Cheejun
Hi everyone, I’m Chee Jun and cars have always been a passion for me since young and writing about them is one way to express myself in the motoring world.

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bellboy Dec 31 2009 10:08 AM
I love the Dynolicious.
Now when I take a ride in other people's car, I can tell them how powerful their car is.
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