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BMW strategy for sustainable mobility - EfficientDynamics

By JulesK on 25 Oct 2010

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Bali, Indonesia. BMW Group's distinction for some of the lowest emission rates in the industry is a result of the successful implementation of BMW EfficientDynamics, a strategy that reduces emissions and fuel consumption while simultaneously enhancing road performance to even higher standards.

The importance of BMW EfficientDynamics for BMW and the philosophy behind the strategy will be explained by Dr. Thomas Kell, Head of EfficientDynamics of BMW Group, during BMW EcoDrive and EfficientDynamics Day in Bali. The programme is attended by over 100 journalists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Dr. Kell emphasizes that Efficient Dynamics is an integral part of BMW Group’s product substance and corporate philosophy. The Efficient Dynamics development strategy, resource-conserving production processes and high social standards of all employees are fundamental highlights of BMW Group corporate philosophy. This commitment has been great driver to help BMW Group to maintain its position as “The World’s Most Sustainable Car Maker” six times in a row by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (2005 – 2010).

Through its clear focus on innovation and sustainability, the BMW Group is well prepared for challenges in the future. It uses its competence in technology and financial resources to offer vehicles combining supreme efficiency and fascinating performance for today and the future.

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The consistent use of appropriate technologies with their high impact throughout the entire model range has enabled BMW to offer a full-scale improvement significantly reducing CO2 emissions in road traffic. In Europe, BMW Group successfully reduced its fleet CO2 emission by almost 29% between 1995 and 2009. This reduction achievement is unmatched by other car companies.

Optimization of all vehicle efficiency is the guideline applied in vehicle development in terms of power-train, transmission and suspension technology, promoting intelligent flow of energy within the vehicle as well as the intelligent choice of materials for superior lightweight construction, as well as ensuring the permanent optimization of aerodynamics.
BMW EfficientDynamics technologies that have been implemented across the BMW model range covers petrol engines with High Precision Injection and TwinPower Turbo, BMW Advanced Diesel engines with 1800 bar High Pressure Injection, automatically decoupling air conditioning compressors, electric water pumps, intelligent auxiliary units, electric power steering, low rolling-resistance tires, lightweight aluminum rear-axle drives, doors, roofs and engine hoods, Brake Energy Regeneration, and highly efficient six and eight-speed automatic transmissions.

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BMW Group is also developing several drive-train strategies for its future mobility. In addition to the BMW Advanced Diesel and petrol engines, BMW continues working on full and mild hybrid technology, electric vehicle as well as hydrogen car as part of its mid and long term Efficient Dynamics strategy.

Hear the journalist's views for an inside story of the event in Bali right here!

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