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VW planning low cost sub brand

By SYF77 on 18 Oct 2012

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After Nissan confirmed that it will resurrect the Datsun brand for emerging markets, Volkswagen is said to be planning a sub-brand as well for such markets. In addition, VW will be offering these budget vehicles for sale in Europe.

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These low-cost VWs will be built in India or China via current joint-ventures and will be sold from 6,000 Euros (S$9500) onwards.

This is cheaper than the cheapest VW model in Europe, the Up!, which cost 9,975 Euros. According to Der Spiegel, an online German news magazine, the lineup could consist of a hatchback, sedan, wagon and SUV with sales starting as soon as 2015.

These models will be based on existing platforms so as to reduced production costs. Since these cars are targeted at emerging markets, expect the equipment level to be basic and functional. Perhaps, they may be equipped with just twin airbags instead of six airbags commonly found in the rest of the VW range. All these vehicles will be equipped with Euro 6 compliant engines with front-wheel drive setup.

I am not sure if the move by VW will cannibalize on the sales of another brand under the group, Skoda. The Czech automaker is also targeting at the emerging markets such as India, China and Russia. For instance, the Rapid sedan is built with such intention in mind.

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Written by SYF77
I have been a car fanatic since 1989, when my father was changing our family car then to a Toyota Corolla 1.6 GL fitted with a Twin Cam 16 valve engine that was carburetor-fed, a big deal back in those days. The automobile technology and industry fascinates me and I hope to broadcast these interesting developments to everyone out there through this blog.

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LoverofCar Oct 18 2012 12:18 PM
what so hard to produce a budget car for VW? They had plenty in china Shanghai ....
987 Oct 18 2012 11:23 PM
guess this article will not apply to singaland... coe alone, can buy lux cars in other parts of the world... so there is no such thing as a low-cost car for us...
Roadhogger Oct 19 2012 08:26 AM
actually the VW cars are cheap...just overpriced here! So what is consider budget?
Sabian Oct 19 2012 08:25 PM
You mean the budget model is not the Tulan?
LoverofCar Oct 20 2012 02:20 PM
VW are low budget taxi in Shanghai... 上海大众
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