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MRT Breakdowns - What should be done?

MRT Breakdowns - What should be done?

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Although I don't really take public transport often nowadays due to my job, the recent chain of MRT breakdowns over the past week left me feeling appalled and disgusted.


For a country that prides itself on efficiency and having a world-class public transport system, having three major failures in a week when taxi fares were increased is purely and simply unacceptable.


What then, should be done to help Singaporeans restore faith in our Mass Rapid Transit rail system, which has seen its credibility sink faster than the Titanic?


For all the talk about punishing the operator with fines and getting the CEO to step down, what I feel should be done is something which will truly benefit all commuters.


SMRT should be made to lower their fares, as 'punishment' for the failures.


This way, commuters win, and SMRT will be sending out a strong message that it is not all about profits, and can greatly reverse its dreadful PR debacle (remember the "Income Opportunity" taxi message?) that has resulted from events from the past week.


Of course, there will be cynics who decry that it will never happen, but that doesn't mean that we, the paying public, should just sit around and be bullied into submission when our one and only rail network operator slips up so horrifically.


If enough people make enough noise, and some people put those words into action, maybe, just maybe, something will be done about it.


Let's just hope that things like these never happen again on our island.


I've said my piece and offered my suggestion. What about you guys?



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Good idea. Related to fines.


ATM network down, banks were fined. Mio network down, Singtel were fined. ISPs will be fined if IDA's SLA are not met. I also recall taxi companies fined when LTA SLA is not met.



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its not like the train disaster in china & nobody died so just go on , its only a first

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Perhaps SMRT should consider overhauling its entire system, upgrading its hardware, software & maintenance, in other words upgrading its entire rail network system. I mean it's only logical that since ridership had increase significantly all these should be upgraded as well to cater for the demand. By only increasing on train frequency & reducing waiting time are just solving part of the whole issue.

It's common sense. Just like our cars, imagine by increasing the usage of our cars by a few folds. Parts will start to wear out faster, increased in frequency of maintenance, tires need to be changed more frequently etc etc.

In recent increased in ridership I believe SMRT had benefited tremendously in terms of financially. Upgrading works should not affect their profits in a significant way on the long run. They should seriously consider it.

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If there is first , there will be second and third. Do we really need to witness the disaster and someone died before we react and fault finding ? ? Will it be too late ? Or the world has changed. There must be disaster or someone died than the matter is treated serious ? ?

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