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Nissan will be asking more than 10,000 employees to leave

Nissan will be asking more than 10,000 employees to leave



Nissan might be asking more than 10,000 employees to leave. This comes after the company projects its profit to fall further for 2019.


As reported by Kyodo News, sources from the company told the new agency that the news of the job cuts will come when it releases its April-June earnings figures as nett profits hit a nine-year low going into March.


Jobs which will be cut are expected to mostly come from factories in regions with low utilisation rates and through early retirement options. Nissan only planned to axe around 4,800 employees back in May but the numbers has grown by quite a bit since then. If the numbers turn out true, he move will see the company reducing its overall global workforce by around 7%


The report also suggested that it may also streamline output in its domestic market as Nissan saw its global vehicle sales fall 4.4% to 5.52 million units in fiscal 2018. The company reckons things will be worse as sales is projected to be nearly halved for the 2019 financial year.


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Nissan is saved from bankrupt by Renault many years ago with poor product designs Nothing new.

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TOKYO -- Nissan was embroiled in another scandal over executive pay on Thursday after CEO Hiroto Saikawa admitted to being overpaid in violation of internal procedures under a scheme designed by ousted Chairman Carlos Ghosn, a source said.

The improper payments, including tens of millions of yen Saikawa received through a stock appreciation rights (SAR) scheme, were disclosed on Wednesday at a meeting of Nissan's audit committee, said the source who declined to be identified because the information is not public.


Cut the staff and top management get over paid.

Now all claim they didn't know they were overpaid.


I blame Najib - now his excuse he got millions extra in his bank account and he didn't know it shouldn't be there is copied by so many people.

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