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Guide To Point System


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What is points?

You are awarded points when other members “Praise” your post. You are deducted points when other members “Dislike” your post.
Your number of points determine your Rank in the forum.

What does the Reaction mean?

When you find a post useful, you should give it a "Praise". This will increase the points of the poster. With more points, his rank will increase

The inverse is true for the "Dislike" Emoticon. If you find a post offensive, useless, off topic, etc, you should give it a "Dislike". This will decrease the points of the poster. If the poster ends up with negative points, his account may be suspended or fall under moderation.

Other Emoticon eg: Angry, Shocked, Sad and Laugh don't affect the points. 

How do I react to a post?

There is a thumb button, when you hover, it will show other reaction, you can choose your preferred reaction




What is Power?
The Power is the number of points you have left to award or deduct other members. It replenishes every 24 hours. The higher your rank, the more Power you have per day.

See below table for the relationship between rank, points and Power.


What is the limitation on the Praise/Dislike function?

There is a Point spread figure. If your Point spread is 20 meaning that after giving points to user X, you have to give points to 19 other members before you can give points to user X again. As your rank increases, your point spread is reduced.

Refer to the table above for the point spread

Does number of posts affect rank?

The ranking system used to be based on your number of posts. But we have scraped that, and rank is based solely on points.

My points is zero? Can I praise or dislike?

No, you can only start to praise or dislike when you have 25 points

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