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Radar Cruise Control Interference at MCE?

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I wonder if it's only me but twice when I was travelling in the MCE (the stretch under Marina Barrage), my car suddenly applied the brake when approaching the 2 sections with the speed cams.


First, my radar cruise control was activated, set to 80 km/h. Lane ahead was clear (and fortunately no cars behind me). But when I approach the 2 spots with the speed camera, my car brake momentary as if it detected a vehicle ahead. I cancelled cruise control in time to resume the drive. On the 2nd occasion, it just continued driving after a pre-collision alert "BRAKE" alert on the screen for 1 second, then cleared as if nothing happens. 


Does anyone face the same issue?


I'm driving a 2018 Toyota Camry with Toyota Safety Sense.

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Better ask Dealer check with LTA,that is the reason,why Mazda 6 cannot come in with Radar Cruise Control.

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