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  1. Jlim

    Honda CITY owners please come in

    It could be transmission mounting, not engine mounting, if you mention during move off.
  2. Jlim

    Nintendo DS Lite

    may in know where u bought it from and price?
  3. Jlim

    Come in if you have a nice avatar

    any avatars with chio-bu will do just fine
  4. Alamak normal light bulb any workshop will have liao ma.
  5. Jlim

    Brake pad for Honda City

    Sound is from the speakers read from your disc. Keke Sound should be from pad rubbing disc ba, or else is pad botah liao metal rubba metal
  6. Jlim

    Steel braided brake hoses

    Meaning these aftermarket SSBH do not come with the required fittings? Or only referring to some brands?
  7. Jlim

    Aircon problem, anybody know?

    It happened to my car. Initially, after I on/off/on off the car, aircon will be cold again. Subsequently the frequency increase, but not frequent like everyday but once a week. Didnt bother about it until one point not cold at all no matter on/off how many times. brought to workshop at AMK autopoint, was told problem with a magnetic switch. Didnt replace, just serviced it for $30 and aircon is ok till today. Dunno how long it will last though.
  8. Jlim

    Labour charges

    Hamburger already told you his workshop charge only $15 for the labour, and oil filter is $5. Price wise I think yours is not OK. I pay $20 for labour at my workshop but I dun mind becoz its very near my workplace.
  9. Jlim

    When to change shock absorbers?

    Absorber last ten years very difficult lah. Another sign of worn absorber is eneven wear of your tire.
  10. Jlim

    Fuel cleaners

    I used liao No Feeling, like pouring $$$ away lol
  11. Jlim

    Questions on buying Used Car

    Check that there no major accidents before will be good enuf I think. Wear and tear cannot prevent.
  12. Dun understand by manufactured by their factory. Do you mean there are fakes in the market?
  13. Jlim

    Which petrol company give best discount?

    The ESSO along ang mo kio ave 6 close down, so they hand out the coupon. I also keep going to the AMK ave 5 ESSO to use the coupon keke
  14. Hi bro, is that why your fuel tank went empty without u knowing?