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  1. wats happrn to the China made cars n whether they can get the COE?pls advise,cheers?
  2. Kanr

    Hyundai up car prices by 8K

    most dealers will inform buyers in showroom that many hidden costs' being pass down to the buying cost n not gurantee COE too
  3. Kanr

    Which phone to buy?

    but not sure of their after-sales service,like sending to service centres
  4. Kanr

    Hyundai up car prices by 8K

    better support public transport instead as the selling new car prices keep going North It's like "Supporting Garment" to rise COE
  5. They have the highest car turnover all the time :angry:
  6. Kanr

    Repair centre

    seem like the market rate is $150-200 for the damages so better to go to the recmmend workshops given by the bros here instead
  7. Kanr

    Fuel price increased (9 Mar 10)

    like bro had said,"drinking beers waste more $$$$,"thats also apply to keep eating like streaks ,burgers in place like BOtok John can also waste $$$$ .INstead, drink plain water n a slice of bread can lower yr expenses
  8. Kanr

    Nissan GTR cross section photo

    swee is the word
  9. Kanr

    Potenza re001 after 20k

    my tires reached 40k is still good in grips but poor in noise
  10. Kanr

    New Mazda Showroom at Alexandra

    highly promoting on the radio
  11. thats why ppl dont practise courtesy on the road
  12. Kanr

    2010 face lift Honda CR-V

  13. overall, the bus driver should not ac like a road-bully plus a road fight is always bad image to the public! Nevertheless, u should also be driving within the road speed limits though u mentioned that u own a 1000CC. Next, u got no excuse to drive below the speed limit even thiugh you need to negotiate the bend etc
  14. are u a staff from the coy?