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  1. Lava

    Property in Johor

    handover a house with some defects to the owner is a comment practice in Malaysia property market now. developer rush to handover property to buyer within the contractual time frame to avoid paying overdue penalty and let the buyer file and claim for defect complaint within the 2 years warranty period.
  2. bro, don't forget that another 10k policeman waiting for them over at SZ.
  3. do you think that US, UK...will help HK if China sealed off HK? What is the value of HK to the west if they have been sealed off by China? Likewise Taiwan will lost it value to the west also if China sealed off them.
  4. Lava

    Share Your Car Fuel Consumption

    mini cooper s, 80% city and 20% highway, average 12km/l mini clubman s, 70% city and 30% highway, average 10km/l ranger, 80% highway and 20% city, average 14km/l
  5. Lava

    KIA Stinger GT

    bro different lah, brand, status, premium, refinement... no doubt that kia has a higher hp but that's not what I am looking for.
  6. black shirt rioters will become a coward without their "black musk". saw one of them cry shouting for help when arrested by the police.
  7. Lava

    KIA Stinger GT

    $234 if you are willing to get the car used for the WTA.
  8. independent panel can be formed to investigate not only police but the protestor also. but I don't think any investigator will want to take up this job as the volume of work is just too huge.
  9. I'm on electronics parking brake and just wonder what if the e-parking brake fail to release after parking?
  10. Lava

    KIA Stinger GT

    I will go for the new 520Li
  11. just look at the timing of CL announcement follow by XJP speech, it maybe a sign of china intervene is coming soon. a nationwide china law will be temporary introduced to hk after china intervention, aggressive opposition will be sent across to mainland for trial.
  12. protestor doesn't understand the core contain of 1 country 2 system. there will be no 2 system without 1 country since hk is part of china. under the great china, 1 country has to be always a priority before 2 system. it just doesn't work without 1 country, as the protestor always look at 2 system before 1 country. or perhaps they don't even want to look at 1 country.
  13. I do encounter similar issue mentioned by ts too, my average mileage is about 10k a year and currently 15k. complaint to ad n a program update was done, and now engine performance back to normal, smooth n extreme responsive.
  14. protesters can do anything they like in hk coz the judges are at their side to protect them. if those judges still remain unchanged, no one can help hk.
  15. china will not intervene with the following 2 reasons; 1. using hk as an example to show mainlander that western democracy is not a good model, look at hk now. 2. this maybe a gift to china as a good reason to stop 1 country 2 policies in hk when reached 2047, since hk people is unable manage themselves, thereafter putting hk into part of sz under "The Great bay Area".