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    List of MCF Member Ride

    AUDI 1. zerobim08 (A3 Sedan) 2. Damienic (A4) 3. ins1dious (Q7) 4. FourZero (A3 Sportback) 5. damien22 (A3 Sportback) BMW 1. RadX, Thaiyo, WTknow, Vid, miles, hamburger, VM, detach8, Steptronic (5 Series) 2. Vellfire, VM (7 Series) 3. Boi2uncle, Tohto, Mercury1 (3 Series) 4. Turboflat4 (M5) 5. Porker (3M) FERRARI 1. Daywalker (California) FORD 1. 7hm (Laser) 2. Magfocus (FRS) HONDA 1. Spring, Quantum (Civic) 2. Ben, Tigerwoods (Stream) 3. Lala81 (Accord) 4. Turboflat4, Jq1988 (Odyssey) 5. Coldbeer21, Cisraeler, Mnns, Antonee (Integra) 6. ins1dious (City) 7. Mllcg (Civic EK4) 8. Berncsp76 (CRV-2.4 I-vtec) HYUNDAI 1. Nzy (Verna) 2. Adrianli (i45) 3. Philipkee (Avante) INFINITI 1. Raymansg, bsswan, user50 (Q50) JAGUAR 1. Passat57 (XFS) KIA 1. Echelon (Sorento) 2. ricleosg (Forte K3) 3. berncsp76 (Picanto) no more 4. sunset73 (Carens~2007) MAZDA 1. Bismarck (Mazda 3) 2. Throttle (Mazda 2) 3. Genes (Mazda 6) MERCEDES BENZ 1. Vid (CLS 63) 2. Tyco kia, Cllq, Solar (C class) 3. Nissan833 (SLK) 4. Azhiwen (A180 Urban) 5. detach8-family (W211, E230) 6. Serenade, Innocuous (E250 FL) 7. Magfocus (E200 FL) MINI 1. davidtch (R56 Cooper S) MITSUBISHI 1. Benarsenal (Lancer) 2. Daywalker (i) 3. Greatodin (Lancer EX) 4. Kanchelsk (Lancer EX) NISSAN 1. Spawn, Akiyo (GTR) 2. Bobby (Sylphy) 3. Nissan833 (Qashqai) 4. High_Octane (370Z) 5. MQX87511 (Sunny) 6. Sabian (Presage) 7. detach8 (March K11) PORSCHE 1. Throttle (911) 2. Daywalker (Macan S) SUBARU 1.Skymax (WRX) SUZUKI 1.Hydra (APV) 2.Francis-Jack (Swift Sport) TOYOTA/LEXUS 1. Ktglfc, Iceman81 (Altis) 2. Charmet (Auris) 3. Cls36 (Camry) 4. Cllq, Sunset73 (Vios) 5. Tedlhw (LS460) 6. F355 ( Wish ) 7. feliciatpe (Harrier) 8. Romanc88x (Camry) VOLKSWAGEN 1. Chowyunfatt, AnthonyCole (Caddy) 2. Enye (Sharan) 3. detach8 (Golf Mk6) 4. F355 ( R32 ) 5. MQX87511 (Jetta) VOLVO 1. Mason016, Tedlhw (S60) 2. Blacksnow (XC60) 3. detach8-family (XC90)
  2. Romanc88x

    Bedok Reservoir 9th body.

    Scaring estate. How to stay like that. Will it affect property price there?
  3. $10 PUB rebate is not enough, MP should request to waive a one month water bill from PUB for all the residents. Hope the flat value of Block 686B Woodlands Drive 75 would not go down because of this incident.
  4. Romanc88x


    George Yeo for President. Not a bad idea.
  5. Romanc88x

    PAP's experiment

    I can't imagine SYTPL as a Minister.
  6. Romanc88x

    Which is real and which is fake - you say

  7. Romanc88x

    Man vs Wild

    pretty gross ...fry it and add chilli sauce wld taste much better for him
  8. Romanc88x

    Interview of Boomz Girl

    Makes me wonder how she managed to win Ms Sg.
  9. Romanc88x

    Mum chops off 8 year old son

    omg..wat a crazy mum
  10. Romanc88x

    MP dropped rifle during NDP...

    jia lat liao...have to wash backside and sit in DB.
  11. Romanc88x

    Shell tml 4-5pm 44cents petrol off

    4-5pm is just too short, 44 days should be more ideal..
  12. Romanc88x

    DHL will deliver anything

    interesting name
  13. Romanc88x

    Wasting my time, tis shop [thumbsdown]

    shld try to check next time cos they may miss it. glad tat your car has passed the inspection
  14. Romanc88x

    ERP Charge after 2230Hrs at CTE ???

    if deducted shld b able to cliam back from LTA. but not worth to go thru all these troubles..all these forms to fill
  15. Romanc88x

    Awesome music videos!

    nice hot body