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    Racechip Ultimate

    I have removed my racechip from my E200. I am selling the racechip for $500. Anyone keen? PM me. Thanks.
  2. Kingpin1133


    Ya v nice!
  3. Kingpin1133


    Haha... tempting indeed.
  4. Kingpin1133

    New Volvo V40!

    Pretty car, but there are a number of similar cross utility vehicles from Audi, Nissan, VW etc. Wonder how's it handles compared to the others?
  5. Kingpin1133


    The Cayman is really more macho looking - v v nice. Less of a ladies car look. Hmmm tempting!!!
  6. Oh I like the new look of the 981. I think it is much better both inside and out compared to the 987.
  7. Throttle2, Saw the 911 and 981 at SA today. There's no new Cayman till Mar. Still kind of like the Cayman due largely to maintenance concern. I know of someone who owned the 911 turbo and it gave him no end of problems. So I'm bit of concerned about 911 unless the new Carreras are much improved. Thanks for your views.
  8. Need advice. I'm thinking of Cayman or 911. Read that handling of Cayman is just as good as 911. Is this true? Price wise n maintenance cost wise I prefer Cayman. Is latest model Cayman an improvement? Thanks.