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    Unusual or Rare Cars

    No, there is still at least 1 left on the road Saw it at Jalan Bahar entering PIE last week Its a EU3
  2. Black Nissan sunny 1.6 auto Register on 21 Jan 2008 10 more months OMV $11944 Mileage 154k km No repairs needed Strong cold aircon leather seats 17" rims full bodykit from agent Interior and paint work 9/10 condition Looking at $13800 Neg for sincere buyer PM or message me 9759774 6
  3. Eeee78

    Toyota Sienta 2016

    No complains from my passenger.
  4. Eeee78

    DA backing plate

    Or try Autorage at Tradehub21
  5. Eeee78

    DA backing plate

    Try Amazon
  6. Eeee78

    Where do you buy car care products

    ^5...Much cheaper pricing
  7. Eeee78

    Meguair's Ultimate Compound anyone?

    I always get my Megs stuff direct from Hypercoat. My G220 V2 was also bought from them previously.
  8. I see it an luxury cos you get to come out from the cell and enjoy the sun. Actually something bad happened during this sandbag regime that changed the way it is conducted.
  9. That I never heard of. But I admit that some are really creative!!!
  10. They are not suppose to excerise in their cell. Those that kanna the sand/field pack regime are those minor offenders. Hard core and serious offenders get to rot in cell. Funny thing is that the JWs get to play basketball and excerise. Some are even more FIT than the MP.
  11. During my time in 2000~02, JWs are in-charge of area cleaning of general area, gardening, cooking of meals and serving meals to the MP at the cook house (buffet style, not sit and wait for lunch expect for the Commandant, officers and Senior specs). They also deliver duty personel night snacks from the cook house to the guard house and cell blocks. Detainees meals are also prepared and delivered by the JWs. Every morning there is a JW rubbish party to push the rubbish cart to the rubbish centre OUTSIDE DB escorted by MP of cos. So conclusion is JWs do serve.
  12. Yes, wear white vest blue shorts instead of the yellow vest blue shorts for detainees.
  13. Highest Rank I encounter is CPT and 1WO. Crabs rank, I dun think will go DB.
  14. In the cell block, there are yellow lines drawn on the floor. Any detainess that want to cross the yellow lines need to seek permission. Those that cross without asking will be punished.
  15. Yes, all detainees are to address MP as Sir. Minus the JW detainess that will still address MP by their rank.