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  1. Phang

    Unusual or rare cars

  2. Phang

    Unusual or rare cars

    air-con no spare parts or wind down the window to listen to the engine roar? haha
  3. Phang

    Class 2 Bike Choices

    wah towkay change new bike ah? what happened to the CB?
  4. Phang

    Perfume and Nice fragrance inside car

    if a used car came with overly strong air freshener smell inside, I will suspect someone trying to mask something muddy smell from a flood damaged car pets pang sai pang jio in the car mother in law diaper leaks mouldy smell from leaky sunroof/windows mee siam spillage in the cabin
  5. Phang

    Unusual or rare cars

    you have sharp eyes! it looks like a Lotus 7 Series 4 to me
  6. Phang

    Unusual or rare cars

    I remember Integra first get the B16 engine, followed by CR-X then EF9 my late father's buddy bought a new CR-X SiR with moon roof in 1989 (maybe 1990), the uncle took me for a ride and kooi vtec, he also explained to me how vtec works and pointed to me the front ventilated brake discs that's my first taste of vtec, left a deep impression on a secondary school boy
  7. Phang

    Unusual or rare cars

    agree, EF has double wishbone front suspension and multi links rear, very high spec for cars in this segment in the early 90s
  8. Phang

    Watch Part V

    I am a "time only watch" guy but 3714 is the only chrono that strike the chord in my heart even after so many years. Thanks for updating me with the news of the new movement, the old 3714 is almost perfect, the only thing I wish IWC could improve is the offset push button (the chrono buttons are not in the same plane as the winding crown, they are a little higher if you view from the side) I did a quick search just now, the new movement 3714 seems corrected this, have to handle the watch in my hand to confirm this. If I buy another watch, my wife will chop my hand, it is that serious, so the 3714 can only come from her
  9. yes, I want this option too I will pay, I don't want or need the extra functions make one on board simi that is out of my sight, hide it somewhere in the car, link it to my bank/credit card account and keep my dashboard clean and unobtrusive
  10. Phang

    Watch Part V

    I always wanted a 3714 hinted my wife for near to twenty years already still don't get it
  11. Phang

    Watch Part V

    or the watch show you calm as a monk when wife walk past naked
  12. Phang

    Getting a foreign wife

    I have the exact sentence on my mind a minute ago
  13. Phang

    Man Chope Parking Lot Using Body

    usually the driver of A car will creep nearer to the leaving car when he/she sees people approaching the car if A car driver plays phone no action after the lot is available, I will park
  14. Phang

    Man Chope Parking Lot Using Body

    very rare to see full grown man used as tissue paper most of the time I see aunties
  15. Phang

    Cost of travel per 1km for your car?

    my first hope is heavy rain or thunderstorms poor GPS signals and poor visibility for the cameras everyone will flood the roads for free drive