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  1. Review of Mizuno 22 Would recommend instead the New Balance Beacon.
  2. Ruzmidah

    Recommend a book to a fellow reader

    Game of thrones series quite good.
  3. Ruzmidah

    130k for a new car - please help

    How abt the KIA Optima? Huge interior if need to haul the family.... =D
  4. Ruzmidah

    Chevy Malibu 2016

    Congrats... U can let me break in the engine for u since u are busy overseas.... Wahahahah
  5. Ruzmidah

    Chevy Malibu 2016

    Yeap .. Kizashi is more than a match. The only downside is the road tax (2.4L is rather ex) and the sli smaller back space compared to the big 3 (camry, teana and accord)
  6. Ruzmidah

    Chevy Malibu 2016

    I drive a Kizashi (5 yrs left). If I was in the market for a car now, i would seriously consider this Malibu... lol But alas...abit premature to change car (the kizashi still problem free) ...
  7. Ruzmidah

    Which Sushi brand and model?

    How about the Chevrolet Malibu?
  8. Ruzmidah

    Chrysler 300C LX parts

    http://www.mxtradings.com/ They sell redline 10w30 Although i think u can use any good 10w30 oil. BTW.. amazon dont ship engine oil anymore.
  9. Ruzmidah

    Jbee petrol pt2

    Of course can... I have been using it... That being said.... all credit cards or debit cards can swipe at the pump. Just follow the onscreen prompts and make sure u insert it correct side.
  10. Ruzmidah

    Jbee petrol pt2

    Maybank Friends and Family card and CIMB cards get rebates for Malaysian petrol and groceries.
  11. Ruzmidah

    Amazon Free Shipping to SG >$125 & Good buys

    Not recommended to use alkaline batteries on wall clocks ; will wear out the mechanism faster.. due to the sli higher voltage If i am not wrong, Alkaline batteries have a sli higher voltage of 1.52v and due to the chemicals used, the voltage does not go down when discharging hence, the battery lasts longer. This is compared to the normal zinc carbon battery, the voltage decreases which causes it to stop working even though it has some more juice left. This is due to the inherent design of the electrode and chemicals used. The zinc carbon battery's internal electrode will get covered with minute bubbles (of air i think) hence, causing the voltage to decrease. THis is what i remember from my chemistry lectures last time.. hahaha Anyway, zinc carbon batteries used to be much much cheaper than alkaline batteries (I remembered 30+ yrs ago, it was 10 x cheaper ) Nowadays so many cheap alkaline batteries. Plus the packaging will state whether the battery is alkaline or not...
  12. Ruzmidah

    SCHNELL Engine Oil 5W40

    I think that ur mechanic has the new SHU packaging (the one with the pureplus technology) while Giant is selling the old SHU (old packaging; without pureplus tech) cheaply to clear its old stock. Not sure, but i feel this pureplus tech is just a pure way for Shell to plus their income..
  13. Sorry to revive an old thread Is it ok to use the vaccuum method to change CVT gear oil (or any transmission oil) also?
  14. Ruzmidah

    China's Xiaomi Is Coming ...

    Malaysia xiaomi selling Mi4
  15. Ruzmidah

    Is Ravi licensed to practise?

    Its quite sad to be suffer from any mental disorder, let alone bipolar disorder where one can swing from mania and depression. During a manic phase, the patient will do many many strange and stupid things which he/she will regret when he/she is well. Most of these strange, stupid things usually have a grandiose "theme" , of which , running for elections can be one of them. I think rather than condemning him, we should pity the fella. Alot of these patients fall under the radar (ie, nobody cares when they are well or unwell) but him, being a high profile lawyer, its quite embarassing to have his actions fall under public scrutiny and condemnation.