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  1. Mobycane

    Official: Reunited GUNS N' ROSES To Play in COACHELLA 2016

    Started off on 'One in a million' and 'Don't cry', quicken the pace to 'Breakdown', got antagonised on 'Get in the Ring', got high on 'Paradise City' and 'you could be mine', last burst of fire on 'live and let die' and 'sweet child o' mine', lastly slump to the floor on 'November rain' and slept through the night on 'Patience' ...
  2. Mobycane

    2015 Dec, 2nd COE Bidding Exercise

    Glad that I'm in a comfortable position to hold on to my car for another 4 yrs to wait for the COE to drop further.
  3. Mobycane

    Alfa Romeo Giulietta

  4. Mobycane

    ALL consolidated SMRT/NEL/KT.. simisai BREAKDOWNS here!

    I can picture him doing the 'praying' stunt in a press conference soon... lol
  5. Would luv to buy the VW Mk5 in 2-3 years time and renew the COE.. still find the design good enough to withstand time
  6. Mobycane

    Sungei Road market to go bye bye

    Whatever history/heritage we have left will be displayed 'proudly' in sterile environment of a nonsensical 'museum' that locals don't give a rats ass of ...
  7. Mobycane

    Taxi play punk with TP.

    You can then chiong 120 at the 2nd lane and u can brag even 'higher' ... lol
  8. This thread is 10x more constructive than those I saw under Yahoo News!
  9. Mobycane

    Car of the Year 2013

    Well... I have seen a lot more times of Mazda 6 on the road COMPARED to that Honda Accord.
  10. Mobycane

    Yoshinoya fast food chain to farm in Fukushima.

    Not sure if they will import directly from Japan for SG consumption ? I think its more cost-saving to get from Malaysia which I think they are doing right now. If you try their corn before, you will know its definitely NOT from Japan ...
  11. Mobycane

    RESPECT - Mr Ngiam Tong Dow!

    Enjoyed the read thoroughly ... feeling enlightened already!
  12. I agreed whole-heartedly, love their public transport everytime I took holidays there. That is one place I will sell my car and take public transport compared to SG. SG world-class transportation ? Sounds like the de-funct FIFA 2010 plan to me...
  13. Mobycane

    Minister with no portfolio Promoted!

    From no portfolio to Sibeh-bui-Encyclopedia ... can only happen in this Tiny and Super-rich spot.
  14. Mobycane

    Kah Motor slash down price for all Honda cars

    Had a bad experience at Kah Motors @ Ubi before, went there 3 years ago to look at their ceebees, the salesman look at my berms and tees and decided I can only afford 'clearing stock ceebees'. Kept pushing those to me and even treat me like a kid while test drove the car. The markup of the price is amazingly glaring compared to other brands in sg, never went back again...