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  1. I collected with about 150km on the clock, didn't bother me, at least they didn't try to cover it up. Didn't bother me to know if the car was revved hard during the loading/off loading process, its just a car. What you will subject it to later in its life will be far more stressing and terrible than what they can do in a few hours. First thing I did was to drive to a nearby workshop to have the oil and oil filter changed.
  2. Thestig

    Own up! Who did this drift?

    It was me. I was going to change my tires the next day anyway. Not a fan of wasting almost worn out tires.
  3. I have no privacy issues as I have nothing to hide but my identity. If it means that I pay lesser road tax due to my lower than average yearly mileage then by all means , implement the damn thing already.
  4. Good to know that 20+ somethings are still willing to drive up north and gain that necessary real world experience. If I were a 20+ now, I would probably just take a bus(or get someone else to drive), spend the car rental money on an international data roaming plan and just be gadget-ting my way to my destination, take cabs everywhere I wanted to go. Have fun driving up north, I went into JB two weeks after getting my license and a week later, I was on the way to Melaka already.
  5. I am always more careful when I see these double white lines because I know that there will be some people who do not understand this concept and will still cross them when they think that they can get away with it. The reason why these lines were made in the first place was because too many people had done this before at these specific spots and have resulted in accidents and near misses. While I agree that it is wholly wrong for the driver to cross the white lines, the fact that the the TS intentionally sped up to prevent this is not a commendable act either especially since he had already predicted that she was going to do so. He could have kept his original speed and she would have been able to illegally filter without the near miss caught on tape. I don't know what you were hoping to achieve and may not be worried for your own safety and getting into an accident but your specific accident could cause a chain reaction especially if the car in front suddenly spun out of control and took out less aware motorist especially our less protected brethren on the road, the motorcyclist.
  6. Thestig

    Cyclist Problem

    After reading this thread, I have concluded that cyclists should not waste their time trying to defend cycling because there are a few Singaporean drivers who are irrational. Likelihood of turning these pissed off drivers into candidates for committing vehicular manslaughter increases everytime you argue/defend your point. Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of the cycling population as much as you can control the individual actions of the drivers here. One of the main problems with the drivers in Singapore is not their fault. The cost of owning a car is too high for everyone. And by everyone I mean everyone, even billionaires who can afford to buy 100x Ferraris. Even they know that for the same amount of money that they bought their 100x Ferraris, they know they could buy 500x Ferraris elsewhere. It is this high cost of ownership that sometimes makes the average driver here sometimes irrational, edgy, impatient, short tempered, etc. After all, they are thinking, "I paid so damn much for this car and I'm stuck behind a bicycle!"
  7. Thestig

    Ang mor tio hoot

    Why don't the foreigners admit what they have done? This is obviously not a random beating.
  8. Thestig

    Ferrari Enzo abandoned in Dubai

    I would definitely buy it if it was a low price, because due to its limited production run and the fact that there are less than 399 left because some idiots have crashed theirs, this car would appreciate in value.
  9. Thestig

    Cleopatra has a new friend in Doc Teo.

    I would have thought that with the intense level of hatred for cyclists on the road, the drivers of MCF would have actually given the Dr. a commendation instead of an online bashing.
  10. There is something wrong with the design of the roads at Marina Bay, it seems that the gradients are designed wrongly and works to throw cars off the bend, probably a directive to create gradients in all roads no matter if straight or bend for rainwater dispersal. Doing something without thinking. I passed by the accident site as well and caught the Aveo being towed out near Fort Rd.
  11. Thestig

    Looking for this Blue Koup Driver. Sjz6264K

    Thanks for posting the entertaining video of "Two idiot drivers" . Both drivers are going to be in trouble if this video gets sent to the traffic police. I've saved a copy in the event it gets taken down.
  12. Thestig

    Reckless BMW1 Series Driver

    Official verdict: BMW 1 series driver is in the wrong simply because driver changed lane in the middle of a junction. It doesn't matter how quickly or how slowly the TS accelerated because you should never ever change your lane in the middle of a junction. Unfortunately alot of drivers simply have forgotten this rule.
  13. Thestig

    Taxi driver rams cars/taxi

    This taxi driver could afford drugs?? They are not as income-stricken as what we are led to believe. C0mf0rtD3lgr0: We need to increase our flag down fares because our drivers are not able to afford the high-quality drugs that they are used to.
  14. Thestig

    Crack found on tyre

    I've driven on worse before and survived. You can't always get what you want when you are renting cars in places like Yangon, Dhaka, etc. But if it were my car, then I'll just replace with a similar worn used tyre with same grip levels so that I can wear the remaining three tyres out.
  15. Thestig

    Local GPS Vs Imported GPS

    For the same price of a mid-level Garmin in SG, I was able to purchase the top of the line model from the US. I don't really care about local warranty or local support because the GPS hardly sees the light of day in Singapore, its meant for foreign use. For the countless gadgets that I have purchased before, I've probably only utilized the warranties on a handful of them. Also, the prices in Singapore have become really uncompetitive, probably due to high overheads and greedy bosses, as long as they insist on being greedy, I will continue to do my shopping online.